Modded 9000es versus Esoteric DV 50s/50

I will soon get my ModWright Level 5 9000es player, balanced upgrade.

Just wondering how this player would compare with RBCD and SACD with Esoteric DV 50s/50??

Just saw this post.It should not even be a close call. I have a basic JVC dvd player that was upgraded with much better parts and it is better than a stock DV-50. Modded units really open up the sound if your other gear is ready to deliver. If you received your unit then you probably have had enough time for break in. Let us know how it sounds. A friend of mine brought his Marantz SA-1 over to hook up to the Nuforce 9.02 amps and he was saddend by the fact that the JVC was better on a rbcd than the same cd in sacd on his unit. He now wants to buy the JVC from me.