Modded 103 & 105 Oppo's?

Know it is early!
Anyone know of forthcoming mod's for the 105/103?
Ric Shultz at Electronic Visionary Systems just posted the list of analog and digital modifications he is doing for the Oppo 103 and 105 on his web site.
Modright and their is already a waiting list.
Here is the Modwright forum info on these mods:
Saving my pennies to get Ric's 103 to use as a transport. It'll go with his modded DEQ2496 I have with the same new clock.
It will be interesting to hear them and see the differences, or similarities, between these two mods for the 105
Thanks and Happy listening.
I wonder why Oppo does not 'mod' them during manufacturing.
Rok2id - They likely simply don't know how to. Ric, for example, got his start building and modding amps about 3 decades ago. Along the way he picked up how to modify different caps (by that I mean the caps themselves are physically modded, on top of choosing alternative brands to stock), circuits and the like and, in the process, uncovering, very often only by trial and error, which caps or circuits are amenable to what kind of mods - in effect a whole body of expertise unto itself.

Oppo got their start with inexpensive players that were originally designed to be disposable, but, gradually and smartly over the years, became more concerned with improving performance by becoming increasingly comprehensive in the best "by-the-book" sense - separating themselves from the rest of the market by refusing to cut the same corners that their competition has. They've simply managed to parlay that philosophy into a dynasty.

But, that whole kind of mod approach ends up being something that, understandably, not too many guys in white lab coats can easily grasp or come by. Two profoundly differing fields of expertise, experience and philosophical approaches. One can be thought of as a 'science' and the other as an 'art'. The engineering principles can be 'taught', the modding principles must be 'learned'. Regards. John
Ivan_nosnibor -- Sounds logical and reasonable. I just wonder if they, the people that do the mods, are getting away from the meaning and goal of Hi-Fi. Sort of taking a turn, off the road to the holy grail. This could explain why people insist that all high-end equipment has a distinct sound. Maybe it's the 'art' thingy.
I Thank You for your explaination. Never heard it explained before.
I certainly agree with you that the art aspect is likely one reason why so many do claim that all high-end equipment has a distinct sound. But, for my money, I find that modding can actually increase the 'art factor' in equipment that already has a pretense to being high-end or has the opportunity to, on occasion, introduce it even to more humble gear (provided it, too, proves to be suitable to modding). In that sense, I actually feel that modding is a good thing. BUT!!...all that ONLY holds true if the person doing the mod is indeed knowledgeable, experienced and, possibly above all, value-oriented! There's a world of difference between a modder who knows his craft and can increase both the objective and subjective value of a piece of gear and one of those glorified parts swappers who charges you many more times than the cost of your original unit, all for the sake of attaining performance 'heretofore undreamed of' and all that blather. In that last sense, I'm with you, except that in my mind, that's not just a detour on the road to the holy grail, but actually the road going straight to hell(!). So all the positives that I'm speaking of, here and in my post above, only apply to a truly ethical modder, and in my own experience, that narrows the field CONSIDERABLY! (I can count them on one hand and still have fingers left over). Yes, buyer beware, by all means! Thanks for your kind words. Cheers.
Almost the one and only reason Oppo doesn't offer "modded" players is cost. If you look at the history and progression of the 83 > 83SE > 93/95 > 103/105 you can see that Oppo actually incorporates the most useful and cost-effective of the independent modders mods with each upgrade. There's a web post by John Curl briefly discussing the limitations on what Oppo can realistically do themselves, and cost is by far the main limiter.
Rbbrt - Wasn't aware of Mr. Curl's post until I saw yours here and of course didn't realize Oppo was taking the efforts of modders into account as they evidently are doing, thank you for setting me straight on that. I'm finding all of that interesting.
Rbbrt, would you please post the link? Thanks.
Search diyaudio? It was quoted from there in other forums I read.
Have you compared the evs modwright players
Abruce, have not yet had the chance, but if it ever comes up I will take it.