modafferi mod for mcintosh tuner

I have a mcintosh MR67 tuner which needs some work (intermittently noisy and low sensitivity)and was wondering if the modaferri mod($500)might be a good option. Does anyone have have experience with this mod and or/repairs. The tuner is in good shape physically and sounds better than the NAD that it replaced.
You might also want to contact Don Scott for a "second opinion", and, on the work he can do if any.
Hard to say what is exactly wrong with your unit but have you tested all the tubes? I have had several MR-67s and MR-71s and a host of other tube tuners and have miracles happen with tube change to high quality NOS Tubes.
Stephan Sank would be another to consult, he has done much work on Mac's, among many others.
I had the RM mod done to my MR71 and it is my favorite piece of audio equipment. It was much better than my MD 102 which I sold as soon as I compared the two.