Mod Squad Soft Shoes? Anyone have them?

Hi, a long time ago audiophile Audiogon member Albert Porter was kind enough to send me 3 Mod Squad Soft Shoes. They're something like a small stubby hockey puck used for sound isolation under components. They really worked but unfortunately, one of my set of three got lost somehow. I think a cleaning person threw it out, not knowing what it was, yikes! I'd truly be grateful if someone could help me find one, three or four of these.
Martin Butler
Perhaps you have already seen this Audiogon ad which lists Mod Squad Soft Shoes (both large and small sizes) for sale near the bottom of the page:
Jameswei, thanks for the tip, I sent him an email asking to buy four of them and am awaiting a response.
They came standard on Altis Ref dacs. I MIGHT part with mine.
I have 8 of those and I think they work well.
Thanks for all your help guys. Howard is sending me one set and Paul (from the original ad jameswei posted) has gotten in touch and I'm awaiting his response, so hopefully my Soft Shoes should arrive soon!