Mod Squad "Line Drive Deluxe"...

I used to own, and regrettably (stupidly IMHO) got rid of a Mod Squad Line Drive Deluxe, and I am wondering if by me poking this hornets nest like this, I might find one available to replace the one I used to have.

Anyone? or do y'all think I am wasting my time looking?
Wow, lots of angry people in here. 
  Ignore the eejits in here. 
  Search a couple search engines daily, one will pop up.
be weary of the fleabay sellers, a lot of them are ignant and lie!

 Good luck on your search. 
I bought the McCormack UDP-1 regular edition one, then I found out there’s a upgraded one, limited with better caps etc. 

 all the reviews I read (most) said the standard one just sounds better.   So it took some weight off my shoulder. 
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That unit was not really that good and there are much better I can make one for you if you wnat

Happy Listening
I had one for a while and replaced with an Adcom 750GFP pre-amp.  The 750 has a tone bypass switching.  I've always regretted selling it.