Mod Squad "Line Drive Deluxe"...

I used to own, and regrettably (stupidly IMHO) got rid of a Mod Squad Line Drive Deluxe, and I am wondering if by me poking this hornets nest like this, I might find one available to replace the one I used to have.

Anyone? or do y'all think I am wasting my time looking?
The "Deluxe" part makes it hard to find.  Lots of regular Line Drives, heck even I have on in a box somewhere.
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Yes. But I meant in the classified sale section where many more will see it. I would think someone has one. Good luck
No, you didn’t. This is not the place for wanted ads. Place a "wanted to buy " in the classified section.
You've been a member long enough to know that.

1) I have... when I say, said "I just did", that does not refer to this Forum posting.
2) regardless of how long I have been a member, that experience does not include ever listed anything for sale. I have clicked on the PAY NOW twice, I expect to get billed twice. It is now showing in my cart yet again. YES I have put card information in, YES I have done "Check Out" now 2x, YES I clicked on use the NEW CARD information I just entered instead of the PayPal option.

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Don’t limit your options, also look at the more commonly available and more versatile TLC-1.
If you ever want to upgrade your TLC-1, Steve McCormack at SMc Audio could turn that unit into one that performs very close to his highly regarded VRE-1.  You would also have the option of comparing both the passive and buffered sections and choosing whichever sounds best to you.  Below is what Stereophile had to say about the TLC-1 relative to the Line Drive in their 1995 review of the TLC-1.

The McCormack Line Drive TLC-1 doesn't offer [any] gain, being basically a "buffered passive preamplifier" of the type made famous by Corey Greenberg a couple of years back (footnote 3). It is fundamentally related to Steve McCormack's classic Mod Squad Line Drive Deluxe in that it's a conceptually simple control unit designed around a high-quality, two-channel potentiometer, the outputs of which are brought out to rear-panel jacks for direct connection to a power amplifier. (Don't use cabling with more than 1000pF of capacitance per channel.) 

Where it primarily differs from the older unit, apart from its attractive gray-anodized front panel and control knobs and a lower price (!), is that it offers a second pair of output jacks, where the signals taken from the potentiometer wipers are taken to the gates of a pair of FETs per channel. These act as complementary unity-gain source followers to buffer the pot from the vagaries of the outside world.

Wow, lots of angry people in here. 
  Ignore the eejits in here. 
  Search a couple search engines daily, one will pop up.
be weary of the fleabay sellers, a lot of them are ignant and lie!

 Good luck on your search. 
I bought the McCormack UDP-1 regular edition one, then I found out there’s a upgraded one, limited with better caps etc. 

 all the reviews I read (most) said the standard one just sounds better.   So it took some weight off my shoulder. 
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That unit was not really that good and there are much better I can make one for you if you wnat

Happy Listening
I had one for a while and replaced with an Adcom 750GFP pre-amp.  The 750 has a tone bypass switching.  I've always regretted selling it.