Mod Phillips SACD 1000 How Good?

I bought one of these on the big blowout sale. For those of you that have modded them what do you think. How far up the cdp latter has it climbed when compared to, $3000.00 or $5000.00 cdps? What mods did you do?
My player was mod by Stan Warren. For the money, his work is a bargain (<$400.00) with Black Gates installed, tweeked output stage, new and more powerfull bridge rectifier, cryo'd audio board, and more.

Highly recommended since the sound is so much more musical and involving. Warning, it takes a good 200 plus hours for break-in. I am at the 120 hour mark and I am enjoing it more and more.

My 1000 was modded by Stan Warren, but later I made more changes. There are lots of things you can do to upgrade it.
I really like it now, but have never compared it to a really expensive CDP. But, my transport is starting to flake out, so I would be concerned about the reliability of the 1000.