Mod my Oppo 95 or buy a DAC?

I'm currently using a stock BDP95. I have a modded 83se as well which sounds a little more open and bit nosier than my 95.

I use a hard drive attached through USB to my 95. The "Hot setup" these days appears to be using a Mac mini and NOS DAC like the Tranquility, the EE, the DAC-41 or Wyred 4 Sound, others.

So I'm on the fence between using a Mac, running Ammara (or equivalent) and a good 1K to 2K DAC and tweak from there, or Mod my 95?

My speakers are 97db efficient Super V's and use a Decware Torii Mk II (someday) driven through an Allnic L3000 pre.

Any suggestions?
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Modwright comes to mind.