Mod for Phillips SACD 1000

I just purchased the Phillips SACD 1000 from tweeter for $399. The unit sounds very good but not what I would call class A recommendation. I understand several modifications are available for this unit from different vendors. Can anyone recommend a mod and tell me the sonic improvements and is it worth the extra bucks to upgrade.
The only modded unit I know about belongs to RandyTsauch and maybe a search here could provide you with his comments. I believe it was Stan Warren who worked on his unit. Other modders that currently have or will have something for this unit are:

Ric Shultz - not sure about the details you should e-mail him

Dan Wright - completely changes the analog ouputs including the introduction of tubes. See the details at Dan's forum over at HD

Richard Kern - not sure about the details, you should e-mail him

Ed Meitner - converts the 1000 to a transport that can hook into Ed'd proprietary 6 channel SACD DAC6 (DAC costs some $6K!)

This should get you started...

I am not sure if they do the mods themselves or not.
If you haven't already, try using a different power cord and select filter position 3 on the back of the unit. I finally hooked mine up last night in my HT system. After briefly listening to it right out of the box, i put in the Ayre Acoustics test disc, put the player on repeat and let it play for the last 8 hours while i was sleeping. I think that this player shows a lot of potential. It is miles beyond the DVD / CD player that i was previously using as a source there. For reference purposes, that player is a 24/96 Sony unit. This was their top of the line DVD player appr two years ago. I'll have more to follow up on this when i have the chance to spend some time with the unit. I've already found one thing that i don't like about it though and that will not change. Sean
> is outstanding and Dan is a great person..Call and talk to him..He did mine and it's great..There are different levels/cost