Mod an integrated amplfier - Nad /Rotel/ what ?

Hi Tech Gurus, if you were to mod an integrated amplifier like a rotel or nad or cambridge audio to improve its sound would be the goal, what would you do first? or the most benificial mod, parts?

Integrated amplifier this is ok.

Before having anything modded I have to consider whether it's worth the money. Mods rarely add value on resale, and in fact they can lower the price you get. So I only consider modding units that cost so little that I can afford to keep them to play with, or units that I intend to keep anyway because of their quality to start with.

Mods to an entry-level integrated? Well, some would start with the power cord, then do the output and CD input connectors. Vibration control feet would be a possibility. The volume control is a bigger job, but that might be worth upgrading. Power supply parts like filter caps and diodes might be next, and of course internal wiring. The particular model you intend to mod may have an Achilles heel, like an op amp, a jumper or a small-signal capacitor, but you'll need to research that.

Just remember that the more you mod your unit, the harder it will be to resell. This is because servicing it will not be a matter of routine--the next guy's tech is going to have to figure out your mods and service them. Chances you will get back any of the investment are very slim.