Mod a Mcintosh MVP861

I have been reading many posts concerning "modding" CD/DVD players and the excellent results achieved. My question is - Has anyone done an upgrade mod(s) to a Mcintosh DVD861 - If so, was it worth it? I have no problem with modding the Mc if I were to get improved sound and video. I know many people would not want to change a classic mcintosh but, if I can significantly improve the sound and video that would be great.
To call Mac owners conservative is an understatement. There aren`t many 861s out there compared to other hi end players. All this will gravitate against finding a previous modder. Any mod will seriously affect resale value if that`s a consideration. If you`re set on modding the 861, you might be a pioneer. Keep us posted.
you should never mod a mac. maybe the only law in all of audio.
Ah yes,, the unwritten law! I guess I have always been a bit to the right of tradition. I don't have any issue with resale of the 861. If there is little or no opportuinity to upgrade it I will pass and sell it as is(it's only a year old), But I really do like Mc componens and all I'm trying to do is see if I can improve on what I have. Does it sound good?- yes. Does it play video well? yes. Is it the best out there? Not by any means. So having said that, if anyone has any more suggestions, I would really appreciate it. Heck, If I could improve on the basic unit there would never be a reason for selling it. (It goes so well with my Mc amps, Mc server, Mc pre/pro!)
ive had an mcd 205 for 3 years, and its great (a changer no less) all honesty though, the 861 has more detail. mac front ends have always balanced tone and detail. remember, anytime you upgrade or mod, you always give up something in return....maybe just the 'sound you like', but always something.
Maybe I have had a Very "late" mid life crisis! Have spent the day playing with the 861. Changed ICs to tributary? all the way around. Plugged into an AC regenerator and mounted on a slab of granit. Just won a bid on a new (zsquared 1 elite) powercord. So, what affect have the first three tweaks made? Have heard a big improvement! (should have done this before I started this thread). Will come back with results of adding the new power cord. At this point,It's sounding pretty good. I think the Mcintosh folks can rest easy --- there will be no mods!
Even though there has been zero improvement in the video area (didn't do anything to make the video better), I'll use my Denon for DVDs.
ooopps I meant I changed the ICs from Tributary to Tara labs. (that produced the biggest change)