Mockery of Audiophiles

I enjoy the diaglog on this site as much as anyone however does anyone out there remember a Steve Martin routine on the issue of Audio 'quest for perfect sound'?

It started with him aquiring a 'stereo' then he upgrades to a 'quadrophonic' system. Finally his quest for speaker upgrades ends in a 'Gogolphonic' system. He then questions if it might be the needle! and opts for a moonrock needle over the typical 'diamond' needle. His conclusion? Great for the car but wouldn't want it int he house!

If any of you know where this could be obtained even in a MP3 or other electronic format I would love to get a copy.

Thanks in advance.
Hey, Keith, thanks for the laugh! and great title for a thread, got me running in to see what it was all about :)

never saw that one, but I did see one where he brought home a date to his house (which he got a good deal on when he purchased it from some circus people). The rooms were not tall enough to stand in and he climbed into the fireplace to stand up. He then went over to the built-in bookshelves where he had a turntable and there was JUST enough room from the top of the spindle to the bottom of the shelf above to insert a record......
I wonder what kind of system he really has.....
I kind of remember that routine. Wasn't his moonrock needle mounted on a tonearm made of "unobtainium"?
It's on his "Comedy is Not Pretty" album. You can get the cd at almost any major music chain store or the internet for about $10. Great stuff!
I bet it takes one to know one...audiophiles that is!
actually, steve martin uses ATC speakers, according to their website:

hmm, i've got ATC's - how do i get MY name on that list?
Steve Martin is a comic? Hell, there I was thinking he was a reviewer for one of the subjective mags. I beg to differ, the stuff on Gon seems way more funny. Some of the stuff on other audio sites too for that matter. Cable stuff usually has me in stitches, especially the skin effect and the way stuff bounces up and down in cables and that the electrons carrying different frequencies are fighting together all the way out the other end trying to go from one elongated copper crystal to the next.
For a chuckle you can also read the descriptions on the Bose equipment on eBay.
skin effect is real. I see proof of it every day as a tech for AT&T. You can test tarnished cable and detect huge attenuation at high frequencies. It's easily explainable through simple physics: high frequencies by definition have very tiny wavelengths. Wavelengths of a fraction of a millimeter don't use the whole cable. Of course, our bandwidth is much greater than 20 to 20k....we use 5k to 750k, and there are systems with greater bandwidth than that. Of course, the proof is whether it sounds better. I pulled off one piece of "cheap" (relatively) Synergistic Research cable and put on a one meter Siltech RCA. The difference was clearly audible, even though I still had weakerr links in the chain. Frankly I was surprised, because I didn't expect improvement until they were all replaced. Siltech uses unobtanium in their better cables.
Thank you Hammy!  We need more informative posts like this one on Agon that help doubters to understand that cable technology involves very real science and that properly designed cable provide very real performance increases over the average stuff.  Deny it all you want cable doubters(you're making ME laugh), millions of audio enthusiast across the globe already know better.

BTW...Steve Martin is a musician, audiophile, AND comedic genius!
I left out actor & of course....wild and crazy guy!!!

Am I the only one who can see the dates on the posts?
I can see your point through your veil of sarcasm mward.  Is there a rule against reviving old threads here on Audiogon?  Just curious???

You're absolutely right, it was an overly sarcastic and rude post on my part. I apologize. The old posts are some of the best, and I enjoy it when they are revived. 
Skin effects may be real but frankly most people do not understand them or frankly just do not care.    They try different wires until they find the one they like best.   Or they just do not care.

"A difference that makes no difference is no difference"  -  famous Vulcan proverb.
@mward - your 'dates' post made me laugh. Thanks.    

Also, mward is one of my favorite musicians.. 
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