Moby Grape '69

I just picked up the Sundazed reissue of this long-forgotten album (which has apparently languished for years in some sort of legal dispurte with the band's manager). It's fantastic--looser and possibly even better than their widely-revered debut. From what I've gleaned, this record was made after their overblown second record, Wow, tanked and their resident mad genius, Skip Spence left--although Spence contributed the final track, which is incredible. Among the mountains of discs I've heard of late, this one's the real standout.
still think the first record is 'perfect' but yes this record ranks with the best releases of the decade, and it was an incredible decade.
jaybo--i've noticed we have similar tastes--have you heard anything recently i might have missed?
what was really unique about moby grape was that all five members wrote at such a high level--very few bands have as many as three strong songwriters (cf badfinger, teenage fanclub, the shoes). their stuff doesn't sound dated in the slightest--most of ths decade's artists would kill to make records this strong.
sounds like we do. i could recommend lots of stuff (an addict for collecting). i'll be happy to trade thoughts on any of the above mentioned and god knows how many more. the records,the york rock ensemble, the wackers, pezband. cheap trick( who just reached into the slade songbook for their new single). the move, procol harum, big star....yikes, its all too much...not.
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