Mobile Fidelity UltraDeck with MC cart

Hello all,
Interested in the opinions of those who have heard Mobile Fidelity's new line of turntables. What did you think?

I'm interested in the UltraDeck, but I'd like to pair it with a good MC cartridge. Have any of you done that, and if you have, how did it sound?

Looking forward to your input. Thanks.
Perhaps reaching out to Allen Perkins would help. I also find Roger at Music Direct to be a straight shooter. I think it's a very interesting table, and certainly one I would be looking at in that price range. I have to divert this to Well Tempered, only because I'm getting what I feel is great performance for the price. That, from an Amadeus mk1, and wood body Denon 103. I am using an outboard transformer. Cheers -Don
I have the Ultradeck Plus with the Ultratracker cartridge. I previously had a Clearaudio Champion Level II with a Benz MC cartridge. I sold the Champion because I'm getting a bit older, and I decided it would be easier to downgrade now and forgo the hassle for someone else to ship the beast. It turned out that it's not a downgrade. It actually sounds better. I looked at every table out there, and made my decision based on several things. First, it's made in the USA. Second, Allen Perkins was involved, and he knows a thing or two about building tables. Third, there were a couple reviews out there that described the table as having a 'reel to reel' sound to it. I liked that idea, since the Champion was a bit lean sounding to me, and didn't get me involved in the music. The Ultradeck fills my room with a nice full but detailed sound. It's a very enjoyable table to listen to. I now spend my time just listening instead of analyzing. The table is solid as a rock and easy to assemble. The only thing I don't like about it are the hinges on the dust cover. They're made with a somewhat flimsy bendable material, and it can be a hassle putting the cover back on if one of the hinges moves just a tiny bit. I bought an aftermarket clear (don't care for the black on black combo) acrylic dust cover that sits down over the entire table making on/off an easy procedure, and being able to see the table at all times is a nice perk. I highly recommend this table for anyone looking in this price range. The guys at MoFi are great at responding if you have any questions. I'm sure this table combined with a good MC cartridge will put a smile on your face!
Don, Spenceroo,
Thanks for the feedback, and anyone else, keep it coming,

I did call Music Direct this past weekend and the man I spoke with said he had not heard of it being used with an MC cart, but, obviously, you can do that. He told me this would be a side-step from my Music Hall MMF 7.3/Goldring Elite combo.

I'm in the exploratory stage; the MoFi has really caught my attention. My TT sounds lean, and one of the things I like about the MoFi is the Cardas tonearm cabling which I think would be a step up. Again, just gathering information.