Mobile Fidelity Ultradeck

Mofi has a fix for the snapped off tonearm stop.
I have the Ultradeck, not certain what you refer to here?
I purchased my Ultradeck in November of last year but I haven't used it much until recently.

I was playing a brand new LP and then a used LP and they both repeat skipped around the same place so I got out my flashlight to take a look at the setup of the tonearm.

Whilst looking about, I noticed a jagged round space on the tonearm base that was a light silver while the rest was black.

I googled some photos of the Ultradeck and found that there is a protrusion about 1/2" high which stops the tonearm from migrating too far into the center of the record.  Mine was broken off.

I drove down to my dealer with photos in hand and they explained what had happened.

Apparently, some owners complained the tonearm stop was preventing the tonearm from reaching the end of the recording space sometimes.

Mofi's response was to snap the tonearm stop off and ship the units with the jagged stump.

Since it actually looks broken, I contacted Mofi.  They responded the next day and said they'd retooled the mold and the tonearm stop had been moved so it didn't impede tonearm movement prematurely and would be happy to trade out my deck for a new one with the fix.  They were going to provide a shipping label and once they received my deck, they would send out the new and improved version.

Unbeknownst to me, my dealer was in touch with them and they had some new decks in stock and would trade mine out and deal with returning my deck to Mofi so I didn't have to.

Ugly stump problem solved!
Thank you, I bought mine in the past 2 weeks, so I gather I have the re-tooled base, I looked and no broken stump.  Seems a great company, and a great table too.  
Agreed.  Mofi packed a lot of great tech into this deck and the SQ we get is way above the price point.
great sounding deck
like most new products some growing / teething pains
watch for broken in shipping dust covers also...
third times a charm may work on this....