Mobile Fidelity Sound labs Question

Quick question: are the MFSL recordings of Floyd,Rush,the Who,etc superior to the current remastered versions of these artists? These have always been absurdly overpriced so I have never done a comparison...thanks...
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I can tell you that the Pink Floyd multi-disc set "Shine On" from 1992 blows away both the Mofi and newer Jap. versions that I've heard.
I just listened to Floyd's dark side of the moon on MoFi on my rig and am floored by how much better it is then any other version I have heard. Some MoFi CD's are better then others, also some masterings are better then others on there redbook(non-MoFi releases) counterparts, if your fortunate enough to be able to get your hands on any of them from your favorite artists don't hesitate. There may be better out there but its a damn good place to start.
I'm with Tim on this one. I have found that the care that MFSL and DCC put into their work is unmatched in even the recient remastered versions of the same recordings. The area where I consistently see large differences is the dynamic range differences on the two types of recordings. There are almost always a lot of subtle music going on that I am able to hear on the MFSL/DCC versions that is not apparent or intellegible on the others. This is especially true on the Floyd albums. I recommend trying to start with the Dark Side, Floyd album and the Steely Dan, Aja album.
Remember boys, that Mo Fi was closed, but is now re-opened and producing new SACD's, etc. Jim Davis of Music Direct is the new owner. Just wanted you to know, the new SACD's are very good.
what is their new website?...are they going to re-release their back catalog on SACD anytime soon? let me know asap...
Just a note: I was recently at a friend's house listening to his MoFi version of Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction. It sounded awful: no bass and screetchy. I happened to have my MoFi copy in my car (we were going to see their show) and brought it in and played it. Night and day difference. My copy sounded terrific. We repeated the comparison several times and it was easy to tell which disc we were listening to. I had never had that happen with MoFi disks before, so now am wondering how often it occurs. And yes, we looked at the manufacturing stamp marks and both discs were from the same plant. As far as packaging, etc. they were identical. Anyone else had this happen?
Since I love the 3 bands you mentioned, let me give you my 2 cents worth of observations. For Rush, the Mo-Fi's are much better than the remasters from a few years ago (circa '97 - 20 bit remasters). Pink Floyd, it depends on which discs. Said another way, the Mo-Fi's of DSOM and Meddle along with the Sony mastersound of Wish You Were Here are far superior to the newer remasters (I have not heard the ones in the box sets however) BUT the remastered (and currently available - 20bit?) "The Wall", betters the Mo-Fi "The Wall". As far as The Who, I have been very pleased with the most recent remaster of "Who's Next" (24-bit) and find it is "as good" and on some tracks better than the Mo-Fi, for 1/5 the price. I have not made the same comparison with "Tommy" but I don't know there is a current remaster of that album available. In conclusion, I think the Mo-Fi's were/are better than most of the remastered discs put out through about 1998.
big difference on the mofi vinyl and cd's i've heard.

steely dan "aja" and pink floyd "dsom" vinyl versions sound incredible. just picked up a sealed copy of sonic youth "goo" cd for $10 on ebay. it too sounds great.
i heard the r.e.m. murmur sounds drastically different. apparently since it was targetted for radio play there is no low end at all on the original, very trebly. apparently the mofi version is drastically superior.
definitely worth checking out. the pink floyd can be found for $20-25 usually.