Just saw Music Direct is taking pre-orders over the phone for the next One Step releases:
Monk's Dream and 
Mingus Ah Um !!! 
I got mine ordered (and they don't charge you till it ships)
Anyone else interested in ordering these? 
I stopped buying MoFi reissues once I heard how much better Better Records Hot Stampers sound. They're expensive but worth it. Unlike MoFi's which, well let's just say you don't ever want to compare them.
After the Marvin Gaye - One Step, I cancelled all my pre-orders. The sales rep asked why? I told him that the One Steps had taken a loss in sound quality and that some of my pre-orders were over a year in waiting. He shrugged my comments off. So be it.

I know, no one here will care either, after 3 years participating on A'gon, This will probably be my final post. I doubt that my posts help anyone here. Use your Ears.

Finally, there are just too many wannabes on this forum. Guys like jafant, uber, papa and others just make the nonsense intolerable. At least GK gives a laugh once in awhile.

Best to All on this Journey
Just buy nice original pressings! Though those old jazz LPs are often very expensive (why I don't have more of them!).
I will not waste money on any of those touted Better Records! Asking hundreds of dollars for typically common LPs is blatant profiteering preying upon the gullible!