Mobile Fidelity OML-1 - Any thoughts/opinions?

I'm looking for some new monitors and am considering the Mobile Fidelity OML-1. Anyone out there own them or perhaps have auditioned them lately?

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They are basically very similar to the LSA monitors I sell, and the Von Schweikert VR 1. They are all made in the same factory and differ in crossover and cabinet selections.

All of these speakers share some similar traits, good bass, a very rich and clean midrange, and a smooth treble with a big soundstage.

Sell sell sell Doc.

Never miss a chance.

to old fool, if I didn't state how I knew they were good and similar my post would be irrelevant to the conversation.

I am not offering to sell this gentleman anything.

He is interested in the Mobile Fidelity version which interest him, so my post is on target.

You like always bring nothing to the discussion, except the wind from your mouth!
Wow, you are really clever. I am simply in awe.

And all of your posts are irrelevant for that matter when you mention a product you sell.

Again and again and again.

What's up "doc"?
Bill why don't you mention the products you sell?

I guess you don't sell or no anything about audio, because you can't ever come up with anything about the question being asked.

Okay Bill what are the differences between these three speakers? What is the sonic difference between the LSA and the VR 1? Come on Bill lets here what you know?

Bill please let the readers know what your lengthy professional experience is ? How long have you been selling and setting up audio systems?
>Bill please let the readers know what your lengthy professional experience is ? How long have you been selling and setting up audio systems?<

Maybe he would rather let the customers come to him?

Ahhh, a novel idea.

>>I guess you don't sell or no anything about audio<<

First I assume you mean "know".

>>Bill why don't you mention the products you sell?<<

Well it's a matter of ethics. You ought to give it a shot. The threads are not intended for self promotion, grandstanding and chest thumping which is clearly your gig.

In your 100+ posts the common thread that runs through all of them involves 3 words, "I", "Me", and "Mine". Every one of them is an advertisement for your company, products you sell, or your bloated ego.

Get over yourself. In the grand scheme of things you are not important and simply don't matter.

I read Audiooracle intial responds about the OML-1 and I didn't get the impression that he was trying to sell anything. Matter of fact the impression I got was that he was trying to give Jpstereo a "point of reference" in regards to the similiarity of OML-1 and the LSA monitors (that he sells) and the VR 1s. Matter of fact, I recently read a review that compared the OML-1 and VR-1, and pretty much talked about their similiarities. As such your comments towards him in this thread are "way out of line". Perhaps you might want to turn your "senitivity meter" down a notch or two. You know I used to work retail myself, and I can certainly spot a sales pitch and in this case, none existed.

Here's a link to review that compared the OML-1 to VR-1.

I've never heard, the OML-1, but have heard the VR-1, which I liked. In reading the review, it appears that the reviewer liked the OML-1 better. If that's the case, the OML-1 should be a fine sounding speaker. Of course, your ears need to be final judge.
You must have missed his allusion to another speaker which wasn't mentioned by the thread initiator.
"You must have missed his allusion to another speaker which wasn't mentioned by the thread initiator."

Yeah, I did notice he mentioned the LSA monitors (which he sells), and their similarities with both OML-1 and the VR-1. But "so what", that's not a "sales pitch". And anyone with an IQ of 70 or so would know that. The fact that you would attack another Audiogoner's character and ethics over such a "trival" thing, speaks volumes of YOUR character, and just how "petty" you are to other people. Must be nice to be able to walk on water, You do walk on water, don't you? ;-)
No offense taken. I welcome the comparisons to other speakers. I am currently running a pair of Triangle Comete ESWs with my Eastern Electric M520 and the sound is a bit lean. I am looking for something smoother - especially in the midrange. Thus my interest in the OML-1s. Gentlemen, please I did not intend this thread to be contentious. Thank you Cleaneduphippy for attempting to get this thread back on track.


I didnt see a sales pitch either. A sales pitch is, and there on sale right now, I can ship some to you today, try my products product its better in the benifit or that benifit,etc. All I saw was a audiogon member making comparisons to speakers he's heard, which if he is a dealer will probably be what he sells. How does this differ from anyone? We recommend what weve heard. Of course he's going to bring up items he sells. I think its pretty rude to bring him down, even if he WAS making a sales pitch, isnt that his job? He WOULDNT BE MUCH OF A SALESMAN OR HAVE A BUISINESS IF HE DIDNT. Isnt it also good to give feedback and answer questions one might have and help guide someone to the right product. If he didnt believe in his products he would go out of buisiness.Anyway, I read this and wanted to comment. Feel free to go through all my posts and count the I, me, and mines. You must have alot of spare time.
Here I am , owning a pair of OML-1s.
First have to say that I did not find a sales pitch in that response.
OMLs are clear and musical in the midrange maybe a little bit laid back in the upper end (perhaps this is because my Roksans) the bass is excellent for their size but you may want to have a small sub to support them.

The sound stage in my system improved BIG time when I connected a power amp and started to biamp. I use Roksan Caspians to feed OMLs.

In two words : Excellent soundtage, very musical and natural sounding.

If someday you are in Chicago,do not hesitate to drop a message and bring your cds and SACDs. my doors are open for an audition. I guess that a second opinion will help me to improve my system.
We all should have fun and respect each other in this hobby.
I found nothing untoward in the origianl response by audiooracle. No selling going on from my viewpoint.

Am another owner of OML-1s. Very pleased with them after about 24 hours of listening. Music Direct is selling the demo units for a great price at the moment. I picked up a set of the polished walnut and the fit & finish is spectacular. The sound is very good to start with and I expect it to get better with time. Being demo units, although there is not a mark or mar on them, I assume they've had some play before and don't expect too much change. Driving them with a BAT/McIntosh tube setup. Thus far I am very pleased. I find them especially smooth with excellent top-end extension. The smoothness speaks to a good integration of the drivers and crossover. I listen primarily to jazz with some classical/opera/blues tossed in. Thus far they have done a excellent job with folks like Miles Davis and John Scofield. Excellent imagining and sound-stage. They are being backed on the bottom end by a powered 10" sub. Other monitors I've owned are Paradigm's Studio 20s & 40s, Soliloquy 5s, Krell Resolution 3s and Yamaha NS-500s. Overall, I prefer the presentation of the OML-1s. They seem a bit 'faster', which is my preferred sound. At the $699 I paid I am quite happy.
Music Direct has stopped making and selling the speakers, which explains their selling off demo units. They're decent little speakers.
In regards to the discussion about the sales pitch above, I did not notice one either. I would rather have someone responding to ads that has experience with components at or near that price range no matter what their affiliation to any brand. It is incumbent on me to do my homework before I buy, this just gives me a good place to start. Audiiofeil ahould not mention "ethics" when trashing another member who is apparently trying to help. BTW, the one doing the trashing directly emailed me a sales pitch after I recently started a thread on used monitors. I find it disgusting that he would condemn any other members behavior based on the way he conducted himself with me. He is not "waiting for the customer to come to him" as Ozzy stated above. Unfortnately for him he chased me away.