Mobile Fidelity is back in business

Music Direct,out of Chicago, has bought Mobile Fidelity and plan to start releashing music again.They are asking people to email them( with your top 5 recording suggestions with the following parameters in mind;a reasonable amout of markerability to the general public,no recordings previously issued by Mobile Fidelity on gold CD and forget the Beatles and Rolling Stones.Their phone number is:1(800)449 8333.They will not accept any suggestions via phone.
there's a story about this on the stereophile website:

no indication whether music direct will release only digital products or will do as mfsl always did best, pressing remastered recordings on virgin VINYL. anybody any more know about this? -kelly
eastern european syntax in my above post an error. ("throw mamma from the train a kiss.") sorry, and no disparagement intended of pollacks and such, ;) -kelly
Kelly, the Music Direct form to get our opinions that I got in the mail today asks us to rate from 1-4 the formats we'd like, among gold CDs, SACD, DVD-A and vinyl. So they're not ruling out vinyl yet. Hopefully that question is asked on-line as well.
I visit Music Direct every now and then. As such, i know that several of the employees are "vinyl addicts". As such, i'm sure that they WILL do some vinyl, but how much is anyone's guess. Sean
Kelly, with all due respect, MoFi's original vinyl issues, with the exception of the first small batch cut by Stan Ricker, were truly horrible with shatteringly boosted highs; many of the original label releases sounded much better. Certainly the more recent round of reissues sounds better but not up to DCC standards or even the older Nautilus stuff. I think that they should be encouraged to do better. Vinyl addicts deserve the best product possible.
MoFi missed the mark on a great many of their CDs, too. In many instances, the original release sounded better than MoFi's remastered version. Looking at Holman's original post at the top of this thread, he said "Music Direct...has bought Mobile Fidelity and plan to start RELEASHING music again." That typo may have been the ultimate in Freudian slips!