Mobile fidelity gold CDR vs Black CDR

Alot has been written about the audio improvement or otherwise that the RealityCheck system along with Black CDR's confers on backup cd copies. The black CDR seems to however have some problems with longevity. Has anyone compared a copy made on a MoFi gold CDR using EAC burning software vs the RealityCheck system.

Any other comments would be appreciated
My experience has shown the best is the TDK professional (expensive) are the best for quality and worst for long term reliability. The blacks are a close second in quality and are not great long term but far far better than the TDK pro. The MoFi gold CDRs are very good but still a significant step away from the blacks. They are excellent (thus far) in terms of reliability.

Personally, I'm using Mitusi gold CD-Rs. Very inexpensive, excellent long term reliability. Not as good as the blacks--but still very very good.

Can you give a source for purchasing the Mitusi CD-R's please.

I thank you for your response.Which black cdr's have you tried and in terms of longevity are we talking about months or years.

cmo try American Digital on the Internet
Thanks Mejames. Not to hijack this thread but, are any of you guy's using a standalone CD burner? I had a little Harmon Kardon that died recently and need to replace it. I'm looking at a Tascam..... Any suggestions.


The ones I tried were the Melody. They were given to me, so please don't ask where to buy them--I have no idea. I have not had them for years--so I can only comment that after a few months they seem to be holding up very well. The TDK pro showed wear after half a dozen plays and putting in and out of the jacket.

As to the Mitsui gold discs, I purchase those from [url-]American Digital.[/url]
cmo two words regarding burner Reality Check it truly works
George Louis of RealityCheck says the life expectancy of his black cdrs is 300 years. I do not know how anyone knows how long black or silver cdrs last, however.
I tried Audio Xell black CDR's they won't play on all CDR's, Memorex black CDR's are pretty good. But the best are Hi Space Carbon black CDR's Not only almost indestructible, but a large audible step up! CDR burners,the Pioneer PDR 05 stable platter was the best sonically, of domestic machines. For PC use a Plextor outboard DVD/CD rom drive with Exact Audio Copy beats everything!