Mobile Fidelity CD s

What are the best sounding MSFL CD's? I have recently started collecting these discs (I know I am a little late) and am interested in other members opinions. Thanks...John
I think the two-CD set of Pink Floyds "The Wall" is
quite excellent.
I think that The Counting Crows "August and Everything After" is one of the best MoFi disc's I have heard, but I think the best that I have heard is Alan Parsons "Tales of Mystery and Imagination Edgar Allan Poe". I was very disappointed with all of U2's MoFi disc's, I find this wierd seeing as I am a big U2 fan. As I am sure you know some are OK-good others are good-great, good luck and happy hunting :-)Tim
Supertramps "Crime of the Century" is a great sounding CD. Almost as good as the vinyl version. It was very well recorded especially for the time period. Queens "A night at the Opera" is also very nice, but I guess it always depends on your musical tastes.
greta MOFIs;Bookends(Simon Garfunkel),any of the Pink Floyd,The Moody Blues,Madman Accross the Water(Elton John).Stay away from any Jethro Tull,U2,as the original masters stunk.
I have ALL the Pink Floyd's and they seem to be great recordings. I also have U2 The Unforgettable Fire, which is only an average quality recording. I have a few of the LPs which all sound pretty good.
Rod Stwart's Every Picture Tells a Story. MoFi at its best.
I have replaced my MoFi copies Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and Meddle with the recently re-master ones by Columbia/Sony. To my ears the mist has been removed, leaving behind a cleaner and more defined soundstage.
Vegasears, I almost wanted to say something about the box set "Shine On" that was mastered by Doug Sax. I bet you copies are from that remastering. I believe they are clearly better than the MoFi.
Sqjudge, Ya I know, Doug Sax did an outstanding job. Pinky never sounded better. I have not replaced my MoFi discs of The Wall. I may just wait out the format Wars DVD-A vs SDCD.