Mo Fi box sets

I have seen some Mo Fi box sets advertized at extremely high prices. Are these prices reasonable. One person has the Beatles box (By the way I think the Japanese EMIs blow away the MoFi) for $1200 and its NOT even a low serial number. There is a hole in the wall dealer near me who has 3 or 4 sealed box sets with low serial numbers and he only wants $400 for each set. If people will really pay this amount, I should obviously grab these.
$1200 for a MoFi Beatles Box is just obscene. $400 is pretty reasonable, as it is a pretty good product overall, with two egregious exceptions - MMT and the White Album. Dogs, both of 'em. I preferentially reach for the good 'ol Japanese red monos when I'm in a Beatles frame of mind, and the German stereo-mix MMT over the MoFi set. But I pull them out once in a while for the "stereo" experience.
I think the Japanese stereo issues are superb. I sold my Beatles MoFi set years ago for about $250. Sometimes I'm not sure whether people are hoping for a sucker or really don't know what they cost. In general I think MoFi pressings aren't as good as rheir reputation. That and putting out crap that nobody would want to buy caused their demise.
when it comes to selling collectible items or other items that are no longer produced only one thing determines price, what someone is willing to pay for it, not what others like it have gone for in the past, not what that one you saw go for $xx with only a little wear, not what is fair, not even what the almight "guy around the corner" sells it for. What a collector is willing to pay is all it is worth. $1200 for Mofi to high? probably but not if someone is willing to pay it.
Please do not make any requests for these box sets. I don't have time t oanswer them all.
the prices paid for “the beatles-the collection" have bounced all over the board in the past year or so. sealed individual mofi beatles albums are generally worth more (especially as a complete set) to collectors than the box. at the height of the dot com millionaire production cycle, i sold 4 sealed mofi beatles lp's for $900 (one was "with the..", the rarest of the bunch).

the red vinyl mono japanese pressing are great, especially the ep's. unfortunately, the prices for a mint set of these has REALLY skyrocketed. the last wooden box set of the red mono ep's i saw went for $5,000!

those who collect beatles lp's all have their favorite pressings. i've got collections from the UK (1st pressings parlaphone, etc.), france, germany, the netherlands and australia. there are great versions of one lp or another in every group. but for the biggest goose bumps and standing neck hair sonics, i reach for the uhqr of sgt. pepper. just my opinion, of course, FWIW. -kelly
Guess it depends on the whims of the marketplace. I was able to purchase the Sinatra box set on eBay a couple of weeks ago for $ 350, including shipping. Amazingly is in mint condition (except for a tiny scuff mark on the 3rd LP)...AND it is pressing number 25 (yes, twenty five!!). I guess the problem was the description (the seller did not use the right Goldmine terminology, and said they were in very good condition - though they were really Mint to Mint Minus). Not only that, the seller was kind enough to send me a present of several CDR he recorded off of other MoFi LP's (beautifully done on gold CDR's, with color reproductions of the labels, etc). Sometimes you get lucky (or are treated fairly...)
BTW - Anyone know what a mint UHQR copy of Crime of the Century is worth these days?
Nothing is reasonable for any MoFi after the original Doug Sax mastered issues. Gary Georgi had failing high frequency hearing which resulted in the MoFo reissues having horribly boosted highs so that the records would sound good to him. Most are simply unlistenable. The funny thing is that many of the original domestic reissues are far superior. Try a Bob Ludwig mastered pressing of Aja or an original Close to the Edge to see just how good and balanced the plain pressings can be compared to the MoFi reissues. We should encourage the new owners of MoFi to honor the music and give us greater detail and impact without fooling around with the frequency response.
MoFi is worth every penny. Both the Lps and CDs are very collectible and like having money in the bank. You just have to know when to buy and sell in the market. MoFi is probably the only label that actually appreciates in value. You can't say that for any other software music.
To follow up on the 2 sealed Beatles MoFi box sets that the dealer had: They were bought by several foreign collectors. They went for $500 each. They got an additional 10% off for spending over $5000. They totally cleaned the store out of any good rock, blues, jazz or soul. Only modern jazz titles they left were first 2 MJQ on Prestige, Bergen pressing.