MMG's with a Tube amp?

Here is one for all the Maggie lovers. I have the Antique Sound Labs Wave 20ds. These wonderful little Tube monos put out 20 watts per channel. I am looking to upgrade speakers and I love the maggy MMG's but I know they are power hungry. Will these little amps drive these speakers?

Thanks a lot
Eric Baer
Maybe you should ask the guys at the Planar speaker asylum. Here's a link to save you the trouble.
Not a good match. I have a pair that I use as a back-up when my mains are in transition. I hooked them up recently to my McIntosh MC 2102 (100wpc into 8,4,2 ohms) and in my 20x 18 room they sucked all 100 wpc ( I know because the Mac has meters) If you have a small/medium sized room and play at very moderate levels, the 20 wpc tube amp might suffice.


Your McIntosh sucked, huh? You said it, not me.

MMGs are FINE with a tube amp. I used a pair (in a 25X30 room) with an ASL 50wpc tube amp and it worked great. I also used a pair of MMGs in a 10X12 room with a Forte Model 4 (50wpc class A) and it was a beautiful match.

Finally, I drove a pair of 1.6QRs with a 110wpc Audio Research D-115MK2 and it was INCREDIBLE.

I don't think 20 watts is going to be enough. The one real good thing about the MMG's is, when you get sick of them.( you will get sick of them) You can easily get your money back out of them.
I ran 120 watts into mine. I had 2 pair at one time. I think that was just enough.
I've used the MMG's with a great many tube amps, and would recommend an absolute minimun of 75 watts, with 100 and more being preferrable. Sure, they cab be enjoyed with less power, but it takes 100+ to develop their full potential.
I have asl 1003 at 30 watts and it sound great with my mmgs
Running MMGs with a Jolida 801A -- sounds great.