mmg's or monitors?

Hi guys I have a jolida 202a and was first in the market for some good sounding monitors less than 750$. But I have listened to maggie1.6 and loved them, so I thought maybe I would try the mmg. My room is 12*12*8 but the part of the room to put the speakers is 6.5' wide and my chair is 9-10' from the front wall. I have been reading(ugh oh a newbie in speaker candyland)and the longer listening position 12+' the sweetspot was over your head due to their tilt,I tkink this might help in my case, but is the width of the speaker placement going to be bad for soundstaging if so to what degree?bad real bad ect. With my space and onhand power(40*2)maggie or monitor?
I enjoy my MMG's in a smallish room, but I don't think your room will work with any speakers. Walls 6.5 feet wide? Won't work, even with small Maggies, side reflection will be too early and too loud (also, even with nearfield monitors), you have no ASC traps (I presume), and the listening triangle will be to squeezed for a 6 foot listening distance with Maggies. Use headphones until you get a wider room. My HD-600's are very fun.
I am infinitely familiar with the Jolida 202. In my opinion, it should be used with easy to drive, dynamic speakers to bring out its best. Also, switch to JJ(formerly Tesla and Teslovak) tubes, and upgrade the powercord. From there, you have the foundation for a system you should be able to enjoy far into the future.
thanks guys, Carl the place where the speakers will be located is 6.5' no walls involved for about 3'.I have the 580's, grado 60,225,quart 96x and etymotics.They are fun I use various headroom amps what do you drive them with?
Check into ACI "Sapphire III". Factory direct. If sold throug dealer, would cost probably 2k. Check "audioreview" "soundstage". 6ohm 90db, rec ampl. 15-150W! They are great! TRUST ME!
I have a Jolida 502B in my bedroom system but I have heard your unit. A tube upgrade is a must as mentioned abouve.
Unless you like mush, go with a dynamic. Your amp would not have enough current to satisfy the MMGs IMO. Some folks are satisfied by this dynamically lacking, mushy bass type sound, but I am not. Find yourself a high impedance easy to drive mini-monitor or get rid of the Jolida if you want the MMG. I do, however, also have reservations about the size of your room...dipoles sound best in medium to large rooms.
Like I said, 6.5 feet wide, if that's what your walls are apart, is just not enough for anything......I'm using the Musical Fidelity X-Cans with upgrade power supply right now. It's not perfect, but is enjoyable..........My little 60 watt Rogue amp barely drives the MMG's (but DOES), and my Krell 250a can make them like a rock concert, very loud and punchy (they handle twice what is recommended, easy). They get more dynamic, as they go louder...I agree, they are completely asleep, with less than a couple of watts, where any cone speaker would be better, and where esl's are ideal IMO. With about 30 wpc and up, they're great, except for large scale music. Big orchestra stuff isn't close to "real" with my Rogue and MMG's, but it's still VERY satisfying. Audio Gallery in Sacramento may still have a few Rogue 88's, for the killer price I got mine for.
forget the maggies with the smaller jolida try a pair of spica tc-50's in a small room they are excellent need litle watts love tubes and can be found relatively cheap used just put them on a stamd at least 25-27in high