MMG question

Hey Guys
My MMG rattles on loud bass, one does the other doesnt so I know it is not bottoming out.
I pulled the cloth off the rattling speaker and realized that the upper cross bar that stretches across the diapham is loose. Is it suppose to be loose?
It seems as if there was some glue between the bar and the diapham but dried up I am not sure.

Can anyone provide some insight?

That is not normal. I am starting to wonder if there isn't a flaw in the MMG in that regard. Similar problem with my pair as well, only in my case, the entire frame that the mylar is held on is loose. Just give Magnepan a call, they will issue you an RA # so you can return them for repair. The folks there are very good at standing behind their products. If your pair is fairly new and covered by warranty, they'll fix you up at no charge (except for shipping). They will probably have you ship both speakers back so they can inspect them both and fix as neccessary.

If you are good at DIY, you might be able to make the fix yourself. If I'm not mistaken, the adhesive Magnepan uses is a spray on type from 3M called 3M 77 or something to that effect. It is available at Home Depot.