MMG or Triangle Titus speakers?

I know these two speakers are worlds apart, but any suggestions are appreciated. I have a B&K 200 watt/channel amp to power the mmgs, and a 40watt/channel SE-40 to use with the triangles. Preamp is CJ PV-12A. I prefer tubes. I was going to buy the maggies but so many good reviews on the triangles made me re-think the purchase. It will be going in to my office system which is 18x20 with light acoustic treatement. I have a diy dipole sub but I don't think it is going to integrate well with the triangles.

I prefer to stay with tubes but know that the mmg will require more power and control. At best I could bi-amp the maggies with the tube/ss combo but this could be tricky and a total headache to get right.

My preference is to have a speaker with great mid-range, coherency, and as big a soundstage as possible (not always easy in a small room).

Which way should I go with this?
I've owned the Titus and own the 1.6s. Both the Titus and
MMG are excellent. For what you describe want I would go
with the MMG.
I agree the MMG. I'm driving my MG12's with a modified Dynaco ST 70. I have also owned the Titus. The Titus is fast and sounds very good but it was more forward sounding in my system than my MG12'2 ever were. I kept the Tituses for about 3 to 4 months and they were gone. My Spica TC 50's were so much better than the Titus. But, my MG12's are even more special. Big sound stage, clear and musical.
I have had speakers that cost as much as $5000 and I still prefer the MG12's. The MMG's and MG12's are cut from the same cloth and will have a similar signature. Actually the 1.6 is from that same cloth but everyone says it's the most dynamic speaker Magnepan has. Since you have a sub already have you thought much about the wall mount Magnepans meant for Home Theater? The only go down to about 80 Hz and the sub can handle everything down' below.
Intersting question about two of the best <$1000 speakers we have seen in the last 10 years. I have owned both with the intent of accomplishing similar to what you describe. As a side note- forget about horizontally biamping MMGs with two different amps- the xo point is too high for this to be done with good integration IMO. Ok here is my take;

The MMG has more potential overall. The MMG will throw a wider, deeper and taller soundstage. Treble/HF is substantially better with the MMG vs the Titus. If you had a dedicated room and were looking for the absolute best sound it would be my reccomendation especially considering your B&K amp has enough power to wake them up. However, for many reasons I am going to suggest going with the Titus.

The Titus is slightly more coherant overall and also edges the MMG in midrange naturalness- especially when tube driven. It is faster and livlier than the MMG with quicker attack and transient response. (A quick guitar riff will excite your room nicely with these) The 202 version can be powered by just about anything, the ES only needs 8-10 watts. I would stay away from the XS- it is a nice speaker but bettered by the newer versions.

Now- here are the more complelling reasons to go with the Titus. The Titus is easy to set up- it can be placed close to walls and has a larger sweet spot. Most importantly one of its greatest attributes is that it comes alive at very low volumes. Low volume listening is delightful.

The MMG is exactly the opposite in all regards. It is a pain to place, needs to be far from walls, has a small sweet spot and needs to be played fairly loudly before it really starts sounding good.

Im not sure what your office environment is like- but typically the Titus would make a lot more sense.

The next question is which Titus? The 202 is better at what these speakers do best. Midrange midrange midrange. On first listen it has a remarkable amount of treble which takes some getting used to- i.e. break in. In most rooms however this is not a problem. The ES has a larger cabinet, and is really more like the Comete from the 202 line. Overall it is a better performer with a more refined top end. The xo is a little bit more complex in the ES which prohibits most SETs. Your GTA will be more than adequate however. The newer ES Titus is still fast- has a better bottom end and is better looking imo. I have owned both- and think the 202 is probably better only if you go very low power tubes. With 40wpc being static- the ES is probably the better choice.

In the end- the MMG and Titus are very different. Listen to each if you can- but at face value I give the Titus the nod.