MMF7 + MF A300 + ML Aeon = Goosebumps?

OK. Here is the deal. I am getting back into audiophilia after a prolonged absence. My first foray was a little "mini bedroom reference" system: Cambridge D500SE/A300, RA Labs Mini Reference (an ST rave). Then I took an ill-considered detour into HT - Sony DVP-NS700P, Parasound RSX-972, PSB Image 7PT/8C/1B. Don't get me wrong, the gear sounds good, but ... no goosebumps.

Or at least, not that often. I have very eclectic tastes (Ben Harper to Elvis Costello to Bill Frisell), but I think a unifying theme would be well constructed songs - some craft in the lyrics and music. Plus I have a bunch of vinyl that I don't have a way to play.

My criteria for a system are that it has to be made of unfussy, well made pieces (I am an engineer); it has to look simple and elegant (I am also an architect); and it has to sound great (I am also a musician, sort of, I am a drummer).

I have a little dough and space for a dedicated music room (11 x 18 x 8), so I am thinking for about $5K I can not go wrong with: the new Music Hall MMF-7 turntable, Musical Fidelity A300 integrated, and Martin Logan Aeon speakers (Demo/NIB/Lite Use/etc). I heard the Aerius speakers two or three years ago and was knocked out (mucho goosebumps) and I understand the Aeons are easier to drive. Have heard an MMF5. Don't have any experience with the amp.

I would love to hear people's thoughts on this combo and particularly any direct experience. (Also, in this price range I have steered away from tubes, but maybe I should not. Something like the small C-J or VTL integrated with maybe a mini-monitor would work, yes?) I want PRESENCE. I want to believe I am there. (I can sacrifice very low bass and very high SPL.)

Sorry to be so verbose, but the posting guidelines suggested more info was better. Thanks for taking the time.
Scott, i wouldn't knock MF, or other products that you mentioned (Also i own ESL speakers), but Legend Starlet integrated with their Legend monitors would be your best bet if you are looking for "goosebump" factor, especially in such a small room! Regards!
i have the mmf-7 and the Musical Fidelity and my speakers are Signums from Sonus Faber.
The only thing that i`ll tell you is that i`ve tried to upgrade my Amplifier for the last six months, i check Audiogon everyday, i go to the forums and then i listen to wahtever amplifier with good recomendations and so far i haven`t found a better sound-deal that my a-300. i`ve listened to carys, cjs, krells, vtls, rogues and i think they are all very, very good, then i come home and i forget the whole upgrade thing because i realize once again how good this combination is. Seriously, i`ve got the money and the will to get "better" stuff, but i can`t go against my ears and hart. mmf-7, rel stratta-3, Musical Fidelity a-300, sony xa777es.
I've got to agree-- my A300 is so far the most bang for the buck audio product I have bought yet. John K.
If you get the chance audition tube gear with the Martin Logans. I love my ReQuests driven by CJ premier 11a. I give up some dynamics but not goosebumps. As a musician you would do yourself a favor to listen critically to a tube versus solid state with the Logans. Happy Listening
Sounds like a great combo. I take it the A300 has a phono amp included?
Hi Scott,

Welcome back to the madness. I recently picked up a MF A3cr power amp to go with a MMF-5 turntable, c-j pv10a tube preamp and Spica TC-60 speakers. Unfortunately, I find getting to bed at a decent hour is becoming more and more difficult. I also sought out components that make me feel as if the singer is in the room over slam etc. I think the MF integrated would be a great start. I also love the c-j sound and think their integrated would be very good, but may not drive the M-L speakers as well. Good luck in your search.
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