MMF5 or Thorens TD160?

I recently picked up a pristine Thorens TD 160 at a yard sale, including an AudioTechnica cartridge of some sort (it's blue with no markings). After reading several websites I've discovered that this table has quite a following and there are several detailed recommendations for restoring and tweaking the TD160.

Now, I currently have a Music Hall MMF5 with Herbies TT Mat and upgraded Sumiko Blue Point Special Evo III cartridge. The combination makes a considerable improvement over the stock MMF5 although it is not compelling to listen to. Nice. But not great

The question is, which is the better table - the MMF5 as described or the TD160? Will the TD160 handle the Sumiko cartridge as an upgrade? I haven't even had a chance to listen to the TD160 yet but would appreciate any advice as to whether the TD160 is worth investing some time and money vis-a-vis my current rig.

MY TT sits on a 2" maple shelf resting on Vibrapods on top of a wooden cabinet which sits on a suspended wooden floor. It works pretty well for the MMF5 but from my reading it seems that this is not a recommended setup for a suspended table like the TD160.

Any advice and recommendations will be greatly appreciated.