MMF5 or Rega 3 used?

What are the main differences between two, except regas venerable Rb300 arm? Any other suggestions on $350 used table?
Yes. Get one of those old Thorens, like a TD-316/318/320. They are as good or even better than the MMF/Rega, IMO. I am not talking about the new Thorens.

Id go for the rega at $350 a great table and great arm
REGA!!! The MMF are almost (if not) impossible to obtain parts for and the Rega has many tweeks and upgrades to add to the life and quality of sound for years to come.
I agree with the Rega recommendation. However, parts for the MMF tables are readily available, and cheap, from The Needle Doctor ( - I'm not sure where this "parts are impossible to find for the MMF tables" started. That being said - I've owned both the tables you're looking at and vastly prefer the Rega.