MMF-7 what cartridge/ best way to remove leads

I have been researching cartridge options for a while now and am leaning towards a Denon DL-160 or a Grado Platinum wood body for my Music Hall MMF-7. My phono preamp is a EAR 834P MM. I don't have the MC option. Any recommendations would be appreciated but I would like something that keeps surface noise low.

Second question. What is the best way to remove the cartridge clip leads and then re-installing them?
I would go with a Grado Platinum because it is a very musical cartridge period. There is a series of low output Grados with .5mv, 1.5mv and 5 mv output. The Reference models with a 1.5mv output are supposed to be awesome. I didn't like Denon Cartridges back during the 70's, 80's or the 90's and I have not heard the newer ones yet. The couple of friends I know that have them listen more to digital than vinyl. The Grado will give you clean tight bass and a wonderful midrange and a silky top end. Once you hit that magic spot after breakin enjoy!
If you want to buy your last cartridge go with the $1200 Grado low output version. It is many times better and more dynamic and musical. That's my next buy.

Use neddle nose pliers to remove the clips. Take note the wires are fragile on the MMF7 tonearm so start from the back of the cartridge and work it forward after you remove the cartridge from the headshell. Use a very good alignment tool like a Dennison Soundtracker or DB audio. There are a few more out there that work very well too. Those will be very useful when you change cartridges allot. You may want to visit and see if one is in the library. You will have to print it on card stock for it to work properly then cut it out.