MMF 7 help

I have just set up a slightly used MMF 7 and I have a sound issue.
I set up the tone arm to the manuals specifacations, the cart was already mounted and used from the previous owner.

I have it running into a Carver Classic tube preamp into the MC RCA jacks of the phono stage of the preamp.

I have used this pre before and it sounded fine.

I put on a Classic Records Sara M. and it sounds like she is "underwater".
So, I put on Stevie Ray Vaughn and same thing.

Its hard to explain the sound as any more than underwater. Kinda gurgly on mid notes. I dble checked all connections, it is grounded right, the stylis is clean and so on.

I dont know where to start on the troubleshooting.
I would immediately check the cartridge alignment with a proper cartridge protractor before anything else and check for correct effective length of the cartridge.The fact that the cartridge was already mounted by someone else and clean does not mean anything,unless of course tou have to replace it.
Will do, Ill start there and let you know... Thanks!
I agree that the cartridge could be out of alignment or damaged. The other possibility is that you are experiencing distortion from overloading the MC phono input. Since all circuits overload in various manners, it's possible that the "gargling" sound is a sign of electrical distress from this circuit.

What cartridge are you using and do you know the output level? Can you plug the phono system into the MM inputs if you have them and see what this does? Sean
I'll wager Sean is right on the money. I have not found any low ouput MC that will work well with the arm on MMF 7 because most of these cartridges are low compliance and the Pro-ject arm does not seem suited for low compliance cartridges. I would bet you have a high ouput MC since that is what the MMF 7 ships with.
Goldring Eroica H, high output Moving Coil
Response: 10 Hz to 30 kHz
Channel Balance: within 1 dB
Channel Separation: 25 dB
Output: 2.5 mV
Compliance: 18 mm/N Lat., 18 mm/N Vert.
Cartridge Mass: 5.5 g
Tip Moving Mass: 0.60 mG
Shape: Fritz Gyger type II fine line

I didnt put it into the MM of the phono stage. I have decent volume level, but the gargling sound is in there. I ordered a protractor. I hope thats all it is, I would hate for the cart to be bad :/
It is a high ouput MC. Should I use the MM input then on my pre? I only have MM and MC. No in between inputs at different resistance.
2.5 mv should be used in the MM input due to the output level. Problem here is that the loading in the MM input is probably not as well suited to your cartridge as the loading in the MC input. You may have to contact Sunfire to see how the phono loading characteristics can be altered. Sean
I have a MMF9 and had a somewhat similar problem. I called Roy Hall at Music Hall. The problem was in the tracking. You may have to fiddle with it a little beyond the suggested settings. Also, I recall Mr. Hall stating, that when given a choice, he listens in the MM mode.
Owned the MMF-7 with the Eroica H. It worked perfectly in the MM input of my ONO. This cartridge is intended for use with MM input, absolutely not in the MC.

Best regards.
I had a similar problem with my MMF-7. Luckily, I bought it new from a dealer with 40 years of experience with turntables and 20 years of experience with Roy Hall. The cartridge turned out to be bad. Apparently there has been a high failure rate with the Eroica H. If the cartridge is aligned correctly and your phono stage is loaded correctly, then this may be the answer.
Thanks guys, when I get home ill try the MM setting and I am still going to dbl check with the protractor I ordered.
Ya know, even with the gurgled sound, it still sounded better than digital.. I’m foaming at the chops to get this right so I can mentally drift off into some real music.

I wish they still made current music in non digital format pressed onto good solid vinyl... At least we still have Classic Records!!
Thanks to Albert Porter or I would be locked into digital doldrums...