mmf-5 set-up

I just got my Music Hall mmf-5 brand new. My last turntable was a technics that required little set up. When I put the anti-skating weight on, it pulls the arm of the record. Could anyone explain to me how to put on the weight? Thanks in advance for any help.
On the back of the tonearm there is a metal post with three grooves in it. The Anti Skate string gets placed in the middle groove and then daraped over the wire hook on the table.
The Pro-Ject 2 turntable set up is very much like the MMF-5 and the nicely detailed Pro-Ject literature (in .pdf form) is available at the following website:
I hope you find it helpful.
The turntable guru at the local shop also has a trick up his sleeve...he has an uncut LP he uses to adjust anti-skating. He sets the stylus down on the smooth vinyl and can adjust the location of the metal post holding the weight so that the tonearm stays motionless on the platter. I wonder if anyone else has heard of this.
If that "uncut LP" test is correct, then my MMF tonearm stay motionless when the anti-skate look is on the first notch (the notch farthest from the stylus).

My stylus moves toward the center of the LP when on the second notch.