MMF 5 or 7?

Is there a noticeable difference in sound? It will be hooked up to MX110/MC240/1979 Cornwalls.

Any recommendations?
The 7 is quite possibly (IMHO) their best table. Some prefer it's sound over the much more expensive 9. I auditioned both the 5 and 7 a few years ago and both are very good for the money.
just got a mmf-7 and its awesome very good turntable for the price
only thing that you might want to do is replace the stock interconnects but even then I doubt there would be that much of a change. email me if you would like some detailed pictures of the table from all angles
If you can find a used 7 I think that would be one of the better values from Music Hall. I bought one used and I have since rewired it with better wires and RCA connectors. That's about as much upgrading as you can do to one of these tables. This TT plays very well for the money. Mine is playing through a fully modified EAR 834P.
I agree with the above. I had a 5 and upgraded to the 7, there's a large difference, well worth the extras bucks to me.

Good Luck!
There is not much of a Comparison the MMF-7 is twice the Table of the MMF-5 and I feel almost as good as the MMF-9
The % is hard to change speeds from 33 to 45 you have to remove the Plater
The MMF-7 the moter is much better isolated out of the Chasy
and the MMF-7 has a Much better Tone Arm and better cartdridge stock though I changed my Cartridge to a Grado Referance
Like I said there way differant and the MMF-7 is Very Very Good
I found mine used here on Audiogon for 650 I think it was.
but new is nice if you have someone to help set it up for you though it is easy if you stay with the stock Cartridge.
Mark in Puyallup WA