MMF-5: Cartridge upgrade or new table

Hi all-I have an MMF-5 with the stock Goldring cartridge. I'm looking to upgrade my analog playback, and I'm wondering whether to invest in a new cartridge/tonearm for the MMF-5, or whether I'd better better off with a new table, perhaps something by Rega, Clearaudio, Pro-ject, in the $1000 and under range.

If you do suggest upgrading the tonearm and cartridge on the MMF-5, specific suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much,

I'm not as up on tables as i used to be but I think u\you will get a bigger bang for buck upgrading your cartridge and maybe arm over a new one in the price range you are talking about. (unless you come across a used Basis for $700.) LOL.
At this level I like the Benz Micro line of cartridges because of their warmth that will counteract the dryness of the MMF-5. If you changes arms it is hard to go wrong with a Rega RB-300 except for the fact that it is a bear to set up. (or find a used Zeta or Grahem xoxoxox) :-)
You didn't mention your phonostage, which has as much bearing on the sound quality as cartridge/tonearm.

Anyway, the MMF-5 is a pretty decent table, and the tonearm is reasonable for the price range. With a good phonostage and cartridge, it's quite nice. I don't think you'll really gain much by swapping out for another under-$1000 table

There are a couple of options, but I think you should pursue them only if your phonostage can keep up with the change. A poor phonostage can really hold back the system.

One option is to keep the cartridge you have, and upgrade the stylus. The stylus from the next-level-up Goldring fits on the cartridge that comes with the MMF-5, and will improve performance.

The other option is to replace the cartridge. The Grado Platinum is a good match to the MMF-5, and will take performance up several notches.

I think it's a waste of money to replace the tonearm.
I'll second Rex's recommendation of the Grado Platimun on the MMF5. It made a significant upgrade on mine over the stock Goldring. I'd also suggest replacing the stock felt mat with a Herbies Way Excellent Turntable Mat:

These are all easy changes which will take the MMF5 up several steps on the refinement path for a modest investment.
Thanks for the suggestions. Regarding the phonostage, I'm using a vintage Scott 222c, which I'm told has a nice phonostage. I have no real basis for comparison, however, since this is my first analog setup.

I already replaced the mat with Herbies.

Regarding the Grado Platinum, do you suggest a tonearm replacement as well? I gather I'll hear most of the improvement from changing the cartridge, but again, I'm new at this game.

Thanks again-your help is invaluable.
Hello again. i agree with the others and they were more forcefull about not changing the arm which I only hinted at. Grado does have a good sound and is easy going on the arm. I still like the Benz for the quiet background it has. I would thing a more modern phono stage would make a nice improvement. (as long as it is a "good" newer phono stage.)
As a former MMF-5 owner, I wouldn't sink too much money into that table. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent setup. I did a direct comparison of my MMF-5 (stock) with my friend's Rega P-25, RB-900 tonearm, and Grado Platinum cartridge. While the Rega setup was better, it wasn't sufficiently better to justify the price. It wasn't until I listened to a Teres that I noticed the change I was looking for. Most people think a Rega is a significant upgrade. It is...but only in terms of dollars spent (IMHO).

I'm from the camp that believes, in order of importance:

1. Table
2. Arm
3. Cartridge

If you buy a new cart, you're still using the same table and arm. If you really *want* to throw money at the MMF-5, just upgrade the replacable stylus. That's really all I'd recommend. You'd probably get more bang-for-the-buck by buying a record cleaning machine. Until you can buy a Teres, I'd wait on any other "upgrades". Just make sure your alignment is true and enjoy.
Just get a Denon Dl-110 and you will see a great improvement.
For -$200!

You can then think about changing the phono stage.

There ARE differences to be had without buying a new table.