MMF 2.2 - Mod vs. New Turntable

Hi Folks,

I'm currently in the process of replacing my existing home system with a new one. One of the source components I currently have is a Music Hall MMF 2.2 turntable - stock. The new system will be comprised of the following components:

Odyssey Stratos HT-3 Extreme
Odyssey Khartago 2-channel Basic
Odyssey Lorelei front speakers
Outlaw 975 AV Processor

My questions are as follows:

1. Are there any modifications for $500 or less that you would recommend for the MMF 2.2 that would significantly better its performance?

2. Rather than modifying the MMF 2.2 is there a new stock turntable that you would recommend instead for $800 or less?

3. As the Outlaw 975 does not have a Phono Out is there a phono preamp that you would recommend for $500 or less?

If you require any additional information to respond then please let me know.

Thanks for your assistance!
If it were me, I would opt for a new or used TT at $800. I would look to Rega, MMF, Sota Comet. Dont forget the cartirage. I would opt for the Ortofon Red and Blue depending on budget. As for a phono preamp there are NAD, Cambridge or my fav Jolida JD9 which you can get used for less than $500. The Jolida is cool bc its flexible and can be upgraded and tweaked pretty easy with good results. For example changing the stock tubes for better, or upgrading power cord, etc.
Sorry but for $800 new, I don't think there is much out there significantly better than a modded MMF 2.2. Any table at this price range would be a lateral move at best. So consider upgrading the 2.2.

You say it is stock so I am assuming you have the factory installed Music Hall Tracker cartridge. Thats the first thing to get rid of. Consider upgrading to any number of fine MM type cartridges in the $200 range. Then get the Pro-ject Speed Box II for $160 (will work with Music Hall tables with no problem) and it will really tighten up the bass and make speed changing as easy as a push of a button. Finally consider the Pro-ject Acryl-It platter at $130. Again, it will work the Music Hall. It may not improve sound with a MM cartridge but will allow you to consider using MC cartridges that WILL IMPROVE THE SOUND. So now you can substitute the MM cartridges above and get a Denon 103 MC at around the same $200 mark. Total cost of mods with the acrylic platter are around $560.

As for a phono pre-amp around $500, I agree with the above poster on the Jolida JD9. I hear it is a fabulous preamp with full cartridge loading. I also will recommend the Pro-ject Phono Box S that allows for full cartridge loading too. Its only $200. I use one and can't say enough good things about it. I actually bought it for a secondary system but when I compared it to my Parasound phono preamp, I was blown away. It is now staying as a permanent fixture in my primary system. It is extremely quiet and lets me precisely dial in my cartridge for optimum performance.

Hope some of the above helps and good luck!
I would just put a Sumiko Pearl cart on it and use a Nad PP1 or Rega-mini phono and be done with it.
I've been doing some further research into this and see a lot of positive opinions for the Graham Slee Era Gold V phono stage and the Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge.

The price of the Era Gold V is about 380 UK Pounds (approximately $600) and the 2M Blue is $225 from Needle Doctor.