mmf 2.1 or pro-ject 1.2?

I'm thinking about trying a turntable I'm considering the MMF 2.1 or the Pro-ject 1.2. I thought I read that they were both made in the same factory. Is this true? Is there any real difference between these two turntables. The Pro-ject comes with an oyster cartridge and the MMF comes with a Elan. Is one any better than the other? I would like to hear opinions about either of these. I listen to mostly rock and jazz. I have a ss pre and a tube amp with Triangle spks. Thanks in advance.
They are both made in the same factory but the MMF 2.1 has a steel platter, which is not good for the magnets in cartridges, while the Pro-ject 1.2 has an aluminum platter that has been drilled for more accurate balance. The tonearm is also of a higher quality on the Pro-ject. The rest is pretty much the same.
i dont use vinyl,but i think the project got a better review in hifichoice(uk)or what hifi(uk)-ill try to get more info.
MMF is reportedly made of the same fundamental parts (platter, etc) as used in Pro-jects -- BUT in different combinations. I.e. on a MMF you may find a smaller pro-ject's platter, combined with the higher model's arm specs, etc.

I heard a MMF vs. a pro-ject (same "category", don't remember the models). Both were wearing a B.P.Special. I liked the pro-ject better on resolution & musicality.
BUT, pls NOTE: I compared only ONCE. I listen to classical. I listened at a dealer, not at my home. YMMV!