mmf 2.1 Noise

A really strange thing happening...the turntable sounds fine, but whenever i put rock lps, especially 80s with screaming guitars and such, the music becomes a noisy thing with trembling sounds really unpleasant to hear....i dont know exactly how to describe it but its really apparent and overshadows the music...Paradise city is unrecognisable...the strange thing though is that in lps with not so many guitars and loaded high tunes everything sounds perfect...
My system is quite basic with small Mission speakers, a Cambridge Audio amplifier, Project Audio phono line preamp...i have fairly good quality cables for all the pieces...also the cartridge is a new Ortofon Super OM10..

Please i would really appreciate any help..!!!
Check your "stylus rake angle". This is the angle at which the stylus is actually contacting the record groove.

If you back-light your stylus, you should be able to see the little diamond shaft that is on the tip of the cantilever. This should be straight up and down when it is in the record groove. If it tilts forward at the top, then it is going to make bad sound like you are hearing. I'd suggest a slight lowering of the tonearm VTA adjusment to counter this, and improve your sound.