mMarantz 2325 help

Hi Goners,

I have just purchased a PRISTINE wood boxed unit that has undergone COMPLETE rebuild and updating!

That's the GOOD news...

I listen to mostly cd's at home to relax and have a question.

I know i need a MM cartridge for use with this unit's phono section but can i use the AUX input for a cd player like a REGA Saturn?

What will that input allow?

Thanks so much to all who comment!

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Yes, you can use the AUX input for a cd player. The 2325 is quite the powerhouse, enjoy it!

Any source with a line level output will work just fine.
"I know i need a MM cartridge for use with this unit's phono section"

You can use a high output MC as well. I would also consider getting a current production, entry level phono stage. Given the age of your amp, it will probably sound a lot better than the one in your Marantz.
Thanks Rich! I will...:-)
Thanks to you too Swampwalker...Your no stranger to me on this forum!!

ZD542 ...Fair point though that sub section was upgraded [as far as possible...] as well but i think you have a point!

Thanks guys!

Not meaning to argue w you, ZD and admittedly w/o any personal knowledge of that unit, I'd not be so sure that it's inferior to modest priced current MM stages. Remember that there were no CDs back then, so phono stage performance was very important. If the parts have all been checked and upgraded/replaced as needed/possible, I wouldn't count it out w/o having listened to it. For all the reasons that many others have articulated here, I'd go w a high end MM or MI cart, rather than an HOMC.