MM to MC phonopreamp modification

I'd like to convert my MM phono input to accept MC. Is there anybody, phono expert who can design a really quiet circuit. Would like add a transistor stage infront of the existing MM input. Supply voltge is dc 12~15 volts approx. Appreciate any design help. Thanks. Phil.

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hi tom, the name is Phil. i live in Singapore, a very small tropical island state next to Malaysia & Indonesia. A friend who owns a hi-end shop offers me the Lehmann at very special price new/warranteed, but its still cost too much for me.i will not rule out buying it someday. i still own an ancient Thorens 125 rebuilt to fit a SME3012 (12 inches of tracking glory!), a very quiet Denon AU320 t/f with 3 or 40 ohm mc impedance selector. my FR carttridge at 10 ohm sounds great at3ohm position. thanks for your offer and don't regret selling off your t/f! i'll still like to tinker with solidstate components compared to t/f for awhile. bye, phil.