MM phono preamplifier

I need recommendations for Very good mm phono preamplifier. I have a few suits and want to save some money reducing the phono stage away from MC. Preamp Air Tight ATC1. Amps Wavelength Gemini Monos. Speakers Cain and Cain Single Ben. 
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Consider the EAR 834P.  You can get it configured as MM only and it's been around forever.  You could probably pick one up used for cheap and it's quite tubey ;-)
Look for a used NVO tubed phono yes it has both mm & mc but my understanding is the mc just has more gain. I use their 13 tibed unit in mm and find it sonically just super.
IMO the best bang for the buck in an MM-only phono stage is Croft. Glenn offers three tube phono stages. The least expensive model uses SS rectification, the mid tier used a tube rectifier and the most expensive is a 2-box solution w/ segregated power supply. All excellent. I believe the least expensive model lists for right around $1K. Highly recommended.

@jperry   Not sure I understand the specs on the Leben.  23.5dB gain? So when used with a SUT it is only useful paired with MM or high-output MC carts?
The Tron Electric Convergence phono is exceptional and is offered in a MM-only version. Build quality is second to none.
If you're patient, keep a look out for a used Herron VTPH-1mm. I've never seen one for sale, and got mine from Keith Herron himself. You could ask him if he has a trade-in available.
one of the top lehmanns is about all one would ever need

or ayre p5xe 

no affiliation, just own em both
@three_easy_paymentsorks fine with cartridges in the .5 mv range and the right SUT


@three_easy_paymentsorks fine with cartridges in the .5 mv range and the right SUT

I guess it just wouldn't work with my Zesto SUT which i thought was pretty versatile.  Mine only adds a max of 22dB gain.  I know you can get SUTs with much higher gain options. My Luxman phono stage goes up to 40dB on MM so I can get up to 62dB gain with the SUT. Around 59dB is what seems to work best with my 0.5mv cart.

Now I see how people become SUT collectors.  ;-)

I ended up buying a Zesto Andros 1. For the 2000 $ us that I paid for it used it is a favorable purchase considering it has a sut inside its chasis and healthy options for gain plus some loading options. Also, balanced INPUT connection for input only and input and output rca.

I saw all the suggestions which make me just salivate and get frustrated by not having all of them, but it’s got to be a one cake party.