MM, MC, or MI cartridge

Can somebody briefly describe the difference in the sonic characteristics of these types of cartridge, if possible?

I’ve never had a MC and I’m wondering what difference it would make.


btw @lewm, you're correct that finding where to access those messages can be a bit of an adventure. I don't think you can when in the forums, but when logged in on the main site "" it's accessed by the message bubble icon under your username dropdown in the site's header on the right.

Bill, Thanks.  That's it!!!  So messages are in the Dashboard segment, I guess.  I found it once and then could not find it again.  I guess Agon has to make this difficult in order to protect their own interests.

Well, I just got the Hana ML.  

I’ve tried it out on a few sides.  After some initial muddiness, it came to life.
I know it won’t show it’s true character for a while.
 But even now, I hear crisper highs, more detail, deeper bass and a very pleasing overall presentation. Nothing harsh or overwrought. Everything in its place. 
Records that I thought sonically compromised are sounding just right. 
I know it’s just the beginning, but so far, very pleased.