MM, MC, or MI cartridge

Can somebody briefly describe the difference in the sonic characteristics of these types of cartridge, if possible?

I’ve never had a MC and I’m wondering what difference it would make.



I have the Hana ML & it really came to life (exploded) after 200 hrs. Your going to love it! Just be patient. I also have the Credenza Black, but prefer the Hana in my system.

Dear @slaw @rvpiano  : "" One of my life long goals was to try to emulate my live musical experience with my experience at home The MI carts from SS provide this. ""


It does not matters thwe media ( analog(digital ) no one including you can achieve that statement target, no one.

The best room/system target we can have is to stay nearer to the recording, nothing through any room/system can emulates the dynamics and its power clarity and transparency including the critical MUSIC transients if for no other " thing " ( there are many other reasons. ) because in a live performance " there is nothing but air between you and the MUSIC source ".


Now the nearest to the recording we can achieve/be it through digital alternative not analog one, everything the same.

A main reason for that are the recording/playback whole tortuose/nigth mare analog proccess against the digital " direct " proccess. No matters what. I'm not talking of preferences, just common sense.



Dear @wolfie62  : I owned at least two LOMC  Ikeda cantilever-less designs and cartridges as the L-1000 by JVC/Victor and Dyna 13D that are designs with almost no cantilever as is the today LOMC AT 1000.

Very good experiences and not exactly the same kind of performance than the Decca non MC designs.

I think that on cartridges there is nothing really new but refinements on each design cartridge principles and designs as Lyra Etna SL makes that the MUSIC experiences in our system be a superior one to all those non-cantilever designs.

Cold be interesting to ask designers of the level of Lyra Mr. Carr what he think about on quality level performance.

Common sense tells that cantilever-less have and must be a huge improvement when a source of added distortions gone but a stand alone ( Ikeda ) stylus tip obviously has its own and different added distortions to what comes in the LP grooves due  that the stylus tip was holded in some way in the " cartridge suspension " and after that comes the cartridge motor design.

Unfortunatelly in audio always exist trade-offs and our room/system will be as better as we choosed those trade-offs in each link of the room/system chain.