mm dicapo speakers amps tube or solid

Hi, I have used the good advise here before. This is my Question, I have bryston 4b proamp .4pre amp,rega planet cd player, my store dealer says that the bright sound in the highs is my amp, he wants to sell me a new bryston 4bss,I have had some good advise on tube amps & ss paslabs,batvkss.I have know dealers close and live in canada.The nearest city is 2.5 hrs away,I would like to buy used but most u.s.a sellers only sell in u.s.I have a dealer that sells cary tube amps, has any body heard these products?one person suggested I could use my .4 pre amp with a tube amp, most don't do that? any and all comments welcomed.the dicapos are 92db, very efficient.
I went to a stereo store here in NYC to hear the De Capos. The salesman said he considered them for tube amplification only.
I heard them on a naim nait 5i and it sounded awesome!
I have owned the Decapo i's... great speaker. I have also owned Bryston amplifiers (they are great with Magnepan speakers, and are good value).

My suggestion is to try a Cary SLI80 Signature Integrated Tube amplifier with the Decapo's... if you want tight base, lush midrange, and good inner detail into the soundstage - then you should love this combo.

I am currently running a Cary SLI80 F1 Signature with a pair of Audio Physic Scorpio's and a Meridian 508.24 CD player with excellent results.
As it has been stated in your other thread , the De Capo's are very tube friendly !
saki70, yes i know that tubes are probably the way to go, I am trying to get a sence of what is good and what is salesmanship, I have had a lot of people trying to sell me the (best amp buy far)on audiogone, so im fishing for information and appreciate all the great information im getting. I have to try some re&power amp for my self.Reading reviews from stereo review ect,always a good review to be had their.
The power output of a low output impedance amplifier (such as a low negative feedback tube amp) will be affected by the speaker's impedance curve as follows: Where the speaker's impedance rises the amp will put out more power, and where the speaker's impedance dips the amp will put out less power. So the net speaker + amp frequency response is modulated by the speaker's impedance curve.

More often than not, such modulation of the frequency response is undesirable. However, with the deCapo, the frequency response zigs where the impedance curve zags, so that the interaction with a low output impedance tube amp partially fills in a midrange dip and also extends the bass deeper than it otherwise would have gone.

Tubes would definitely be my choice for this speaker. If you don't want to deal with tubes, look into First Watt, which is Nelson Pass' company that specializes in low power high output impedance solid state amps.

HAPPYM ; I can only speak from my experience here . I have heard my De Capo I's with a Cayin KT88 , Cary Sli80 and Prima Luna Prologue 2 which are all integrated amps . The Cayin and Cary were what I would (in my limited experience) call the typical tube sound . They were warm in the mids and rolled off in the highs . The Prologue gives me better extension at the top (not etched) with a less colored presentation overall . It also has more detail throughout .
I also heard the De Capo i's with a Cary SS amp containing a tube buffer with a CJ pre . It sounded harsh and lifeless . All of the Cayin and Cary auditions were done at the same session in the same room .
I hope that this helps .