MM Cartridge Talk

What’s your favorite MM cartridge and why? Bonus points if you compare your favorite to other MM carts you’ve tried and how they differ. 
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mijostyn, Thanks for the update on the VM95ML 👍
Curious if a little experimenting with mass loading (or a heavier headshell) to lower its resonance point would tame excessive bloom along with a slight tweak of VTF?
When you say 'MM' do you really mean it to be limited to MM or can we include MI (Grado, Soundsmith) and H/O MC (Hana EH, SH, Sumiko Blue Point #2, Dynavector 10XL)?

All those are roughly comparable to the Ortofon 2M Black or Bronze, and don't require additional step-up devices.
My personal ranking on MM/MI is:

1. Acoustical Systems Fideles and Victor X1-IIe
2. Ortofon 2M bronce and Goldnote Vasari gold
3. Ortofon 2M black
4. Ortofon 2M blue and red

In position one and two the first catridge is more dynamic
and the second more audiophile.

just my 2 cent