MM Cartridge Talk

What’s your favorite MM cartridge and why? Bonus points if you compare your favorite to other MM carts you’ve tried and how they differ. 
That is quite true Slaw. My 1st Charisma lost it's diamond at age 4 months. I sent Musical Surroundings USB microscope pictures of the cantilever and in four days I had a brand new cartridge and a return label for the broken one. That is what I would call great service. Errors happen. It is what you do about them that counts. I would not hesitate recommending Elusive Disc and Musical Surroundings for anything they carry.
Boothroid, I have a VM95ml. For What it costs it is a great cartridge. It tends to get a little bloated in the bass. There is a bit more bloom then there should be.  It has no tendency for harshness. It Tracks Fine. 
I have always been an Audio Technica fan so here are my favorite onesAT12SA with the shibata stylusAT14SA with the shibata stylusAT20SS with the shibata stlus and the beryllium cantilever
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mijostyn, Thanks for the update on the VM95ML 👍
Curious if a little experimenting with mass loading (or a heavier headshell) to lower its resonance point would tame excessive bloom along with a slight tweak of VTF?