MM Cartridge recommendation needed

I just succesfully completed a re-wire of the tone arm on SL-1200, I replaced the stock wires with Cardas litz wires. I also moded the standard cartidge mount to eliminate the cartridge leads. Now the tone wire clip directly to the cartidge and are soldered directly to the ICs. The end result is remarkable.

Currently I am using a Ortofon OM cartridge with an night club E stylus.

On my second (un-moded SL1200) I have ortofon 2M blue, this is much better than the OM but I am relunctant to remove it from its headshell and remount it. This is because it took a while to mounted correctly. I would also like to keep as a reference.

So what has this to do with my question?

I would like to have some recommendations on MM cartrdige to replace the OM. I am looking for something in the range of the 2M blue or possibly a notch above. I was considering the Clearaudio Aurum classic or Alpha.
Does any one have any experience with the Nagaoka MP-200?
Audio Technica AT150MLX.
There are a couple of people over at vinyl asylum who love the Jico SAS-MM1 on their Technics. One of them was saying it betters both his AT440mla and his AT150MLX, that it tracks as well or better and sounds smoother/more natural. And more dynamic than the Denon LOMCs. Maybe you aren't looking for second hand advice, but I thought it'd be worth passing on. I know I'm considering it when it's time to replace the stylus on my 440mla(on my Technics).
I checked out the Jico SAS-MM1 and i appears that Jico is aftermarket mfg of styli, they make a wide range of styli for a variety of brands.

I am looking for a complete MM cartridge. But thanks for tip (no punn intended)

Mofimadness, I will definetly consider the AT150MLX.
I never thought it would be so difficult to get recommendations on MM cartridges. Am I missing something here? Are MC cartridges that much better?
The Jico SAS-MM1 is a CARTRIDGE, not just a stylus assembly.

Here's a link to it:

Jico SAS-MM1 Cartridge

In my opinion, you will find no finer MM cartridge under $750. It's outstanding. Now, if you're looking for audio jewelry to hang off the end of your tonearm - the SAS-MM1 isn't going to win ANY beauty contests!

It's not much too look at, but it sure sounds sweet and it's hands down the finest tracking cartridge I've ever heard in my 30 years of analog.

The fact that it costs a mere $240 shipped is astounding! The only thing I would say is to ditch the SME style headshell it ships in - it's not very good. I've got mine mounted in the stock Technics headshell on my KAB mod'd table.

The link, by the way, is going to take you to a site called "export-Japan" which is the only place you can buy the cartridge from. I ordered and had it at my home within 10 days from Japan.
I checked out the link, it is definitly interesting. The thing with cartridges is that generally you can't audition them. You can't return them. They are relatively expensive, given the size. And finally if you try and sell them used, even fresh out of the box you take a big hit.

And one more thing that makes me nervous, probably the most important, damaging my record collection (rapid avoidable wear). I have a lot records to which I am emotionally attached, if they get damaged...

So really I am looking for some thing tried and true.

If you're concerned about not damaging your records then don't let that Ortofon DJ stylus near your records! For that matter, the Ortofon Blue isn't exactly a tracking champ either.

The fine-line microridge stylus is as tried and true as anything out there and the Jico SAS version is arguably one of the best ever made. Do some research on it here and over at the VinylAsylum. Look at those who have replaced their styli with SAS versions.

Mistracking is the primary damaging factor with records - the AT -150MLX will track very well and will sound very good. The Jico SAS-MM1 track and sound exceptionally well.
Dear Nick_sr: All those options posted here are good ones and I only want to add this other alternative:

this Ortofon cartridge is IMHO a " revelation " cartridge with a high quality performance, better that we can imagine.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Try to listen to 2M black, it is more refined and more natural mids compared to blue. Thou, I find the blue a bit dynamic. If you like to try MC, their Dance series Tango or Salsa is a good choice.
Vinyl Addict, I am aware that the OM DJ stylus stinks that is what is motivating me to buy a new one. Currently I am not listening to any cherished records with that stylus. As for the 2M blue, its no best of class cartridge, but I have properly aligned it and it tracks pretty well. Again, I know I can improve.
Raul, how can I be sure that a high output MC or MI will be well suited for my phono pre-amp.

Also, on your long thread you talk about loading MM cartriges to 47k to 100k. How?
Another vote for the Ortofon 2M Black. It is superbly detailed and musical for a MM cartridge. IMHO it begins to narrow the gap between MM and my general preference - low output MC.
2M black is getting out of my price range. How is the Bronze in comparison to blue and black?
Nick sr - I have a 2M black that I can make you a very good deal on. It has between 20 and 30 hours on it. I am selling it because I decided to switch to a different table and a low ouput MC cartridge for that system. Originally I was going to list the 2M black along with a Linn LP12 I am selling as well, but I would be willing to sell the 2M black separately. If you are interested, please contact me at [email protected]
Dear Nick_sr: Right now you are running two MM/MI cartridge type, the Ortofon M20E Super is that cartridge type with enough output to works with your phono stage.

Btw, it performs very good at 47K but is better at 100K. How?, ask to your phono stage designer/manufacturer.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Isn't the M20E a VERY high compliance cart? Like 40 x 10-6 cm/Dyne? With the SL-1200's effective mass of 12g with the stock 7g headhshell, I'm not so sure that's going to be an ideal match - I believe it will give a resonance value in the 5-6hz range.
I have decided on one thing, the next cartridge will not be an Ortofon. Not because, I have had a bad experience or anything of that nature. I just need a change. "It's not you Ortofon it's me, we've grown apart and I think I need to hear other cartridge brands".
Dear Vinyladdict: In theory you are right and agree with you
however I want to share my experiences on the subject
through this link:

Regards and enjoy the music,
Vinyladdict: Copy the link below: forums.audiogon.... and then paste it to find the link.

so what will you say about M20E on L-07D tonearm (around 18 g effective mass)? I can attest that it works beautifully on real word pressings.