MM cartridge for WT Amadeus turntable


I'm interested in going for the WT Amadeus table. I see it mentioned mostly in conjunction with Dynavector cartridges. I don't want to get into MC cartridges and I'm presently using a Shure v15 with JICO SAS on my Pro-ject table.

Amy Amadeus/Simplex users running a vintage MM cartridge like a Shure V15?

Do you think the Amadeus is too much table for the Shure?
Shure with JICO worked great for me, as did the lowest priced SoundSmith MI cart.
Zephyr works great for me.
Thanks guys, I'm encouraged to stick with my cartridge.
Jumping in a little late here but I have a Sound Smith Carmen on my Amadeus and it is pretty good. I am still working on get the damping/arm adjustments dialed in so if anyone has any advice that would be much appreciated. This table is just a completely different animal from my Wilson Benesch.
I don't have an Amadeus, but I do have an Audio Technica AT150MLX, and it is a fabulous cartridge at its price. It comes with a MicroLine stylus, very similar to the profile of the original stylus on the V15. Most cartridges today with a MicroLine stylus are $2K and up.

The AT150MLX has some very nice features, such as PCOCC internal wiring, tiny magnets in a V configuration that improve separation, an aluminum body, gold-plated boron cantilever, replaceable stylus at reasonable cost, etc. I've had mine for 4 years and have no urge to upgrade. In fact I've upgraded everything downstream from it several times and every upgrade simply shows how good the cartridge is.

It was The Absolute Sound's 2011 Cartridge of the Year. Not Budget Cartridge, but overall Cartridge of the Year.