MM cartridge comparable to a Benz L2

Im thinking about going back to a MM design for a while. I had a Grado master 8 years ago and liked it especially in female voices and overall warmness. Went to a Ortofon Kont B then 5 years ago to the benz L2. I also had a Linn K9 MM 20 years ago and liked it. I really like the Benz but I love the difference in sounds that other cartridges make. Im looking for a MM under $200. I read a review on the AT 440 and did not like the brightness the reviewer heard. Also I read a review on the Shure M97XE and reviewer said it was dull. I have a Graham 2.2 tonearm and a Acoustech PH1-P phono preamp. I also want to see if by changing cartridges some hum might go away. I dont want to downgrade too much on sonic performance but maybe im asking too much out of a $200 MM cartridge. Is there a MM giant slayer out there who makes hi end MC manufacturers loose sleep? Thanks for all opinions and thoughts.
Yes, you're asking too much of a $200 MM cartridge. Why would you even look for a cheap cartridge to go with your esoteric equipment?-Your hum is probably a whole different issue.- Anyway, I can suggest that you look in the direction of the Soundsmith or CartridgeMan MM's.....but, not for $200.
Agree with Truman!! I recommend Ortofon 2M Black ($560) or the Clear Audio Virtuoso or Maestro Woods ($600 - $700). I own the CA Virtuoso -- it's still breaking in. Right now it's still a little bright, but smoothing out as it breaks in. Great detail and sound stage.
Audio Note IQ3 perhaps? But that's $1200 not $200. If you have friends or relatives in the UK, or go there, you can get it for less.
I don't have any suggestions except, I wonder if there are any newer high output moving coils out there that would work. That may help with your hum issue,whatever the cause is.Years back, a lot of people thought the Sumiko Blue Point(HO), was a bargain.The magazines thought it was a bargain too. I never had one in my good system, to give an opinion on it. I'm guessing those are dated now.
The Empire is a screaming buy at $120. I use the D4000III, and I think it is a fantastic cartridge. It rivals, in most respects, my Shelter 901, and VDH MC1. Be carefull 'though, in assuming that higher gain will solve your hum issue. What you are hearing may be a grounding issue, not a inssuficient gain isuue. In my system, I always have significantly higher noise levels with MM's, in spite of their higher output. For some reason that I have not discovered yet, MM's are usually much nore finicky about grounding scheme. Every system is different. Good luck.
The Ortofon 2M Bronze at $400 is very nice
Thanks all
There is also the Grado wood-bodied series that is designed to go head-to-head with MCs.

The Rega Exact is pretty good too--quick, smooth, dynamic, yet relaxed.

Here's another approach: maybe you should use a step-up transformer optimized for your cartridge, and a lower, MM (30-40dB) gain stage.