MM cartridge choices

Narrowed my choices down to Clearaudio Virtuoso II or Grado Reference... Tonearm; Clearaudio TQ-1 , Turntable; Custom built, Preamp; Herron MM, Amps; Joule Electra 160's, Speakers; Merlin VSM-M + BAM, Volume control; dual transformer type S&B, Cables; Nirvana SX and Hovland. Anyone with first hand experience with a TQ-1 tonearm would be very helpfull. Thank You All.
Have you tried the Shure V15VxMR ??
I just added a Virtuoso and I am very pleased with it. I saw some guy overseas is selling them for 425 plus shipping but I bought mine in the states for 599 with a trade in of an old DJ cartridge I had.
i have tried a lot of cartridge's i have the simon yorke S7 turntable buy the grado sonata you will not be dissapointed!! looks good sounds good
The Grado will give you a huge soundstage, decent detail, deep bass, and very "chesty" (not in a bad way) vocals. A top-end Rega will give you more detail, less bass - but better bass control, less of a soundstage, and more "natural" sounding vocals, but they are quite a bit brighter. If your speakers are a tad soft, the Rega might sound great. I don't think any Goldring would match up well with your system, and I personally don't think the Shure would make you happy. I haven't heard the Virtuoso, but it sure is liked by a lot of folks. If you can demo any one of these from a cooperative local dealer - my best recommendation for a cartridge purchase - your choice will be a lot easier.
Trying to help, not offend,
Thank You for all the advice. I will try to demo both if possible but the only 2 local dealers do not allow cartridge auditions. Neither carries the Clearaudio line for comparison. Even though I am convinced the Clearaudio would be a good match for there tonearm I am going to go with the Grado Reference. Thanks Again, Dred