MM cart. Recommendation

I have an Oracle Alexandria with Sonus Formula IV tone arm and a Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 SE. I am presently using a Sumiko Pearl Cartridge and am looking to improve. Nothing lacking but I figure there must be better. The 44db of gain in the Graham Slee keeps me in the MM or HO MC camps.
Grado cartridges seem to be my best choice from looking through the archivves but am open to suggestions.
Budget could extend to the $300.

I'd suggest a Shure V15VxMR, a Stanton 881S or, if you can find one on Ebay or elsewhere, one of the ADC XLM family. With that arm, you'd need a high compliance cartridge and these all fit the bill. I'm currently using an ADC XLM Mk. II ($48 on Ebay!) and like it best of all, but carts are very much in YMMV territory. Good luck, Dave
I just replaced my Grado Gold with a Shure V15VxMR. The difference was startling, especially in terms of detail without sibilance, tracking and depth of soundstage. I took the advice of another Audiogoner and contacted Jack's Music Factory. I had a brand new cart at my door shipped for $199.00. It's a terrific cart for about $300.00, but for around 2 bills, it's a steal. It's on an LP12.
I would consider the Linn Adikt. All around good performer in the MM zone.
Dopogue, could you explain what you mean by "high compliance" in regards to matching my tonearm and cartridge?
The Shure sure sounds like a good choice.
I'll second the Shure V15VxMR. Really hard to go wrong with this cartridge and you get the added benefit of being able to remove the stylus without removing the whole cartrige. I found this of great importance when cleaning, moving or modifying anything on the table.

You may also want to consider a Dynavector 10x5. I have not heard one but the 10x5 seems to be preferred by many to the Grado.
denon dl160 is a good choice for under 200 and an excellent high output moving coil
Stuart, the ability to define and describe "high compliance" is beyond my meager technical know-how. I'd suggest a search on Audio Asylum for this and "low mass," another descriptor pertinent to your arm (and the cart best suited to it). Incidentally, I have a Dyna 10X5 and like it a lot (though not as much as the ADC XLM), but I don't think it's well suited to your arm. Others may disagree. Dave
I'd stick to a MM with that arm. And a light one. I understand that the Grado Reference Sonata sounds very good with the Sonus and you might be able to find one used for that or a bit more if patient. The Grado NEEDS a light arm to show its skills. The Shure is also an option, but I'd wager the Grado might best it on that particular arm.

BTW, what are you using for spindle to pivot distance - 225mm as per the literature or 211-212 like the original Mayware (on which it is based)? I ask because while the Sonus lit says the effective length is 240mm, I measure mine to be 229. You?
Guess it's time for more research based on these suggestions. 4yanx - I measure about 226mm from the edge of the spindle or 230mm from the center. That puts the stylus tip pretty darn close to the 240mm from the pivot(not easy to measure). Did you find it difficult to set this arm up? Maybe it's a lack of patience but I can't quite get a grasp on the whole "weights on the pin" thing. It seems capable of such minute adjustments but the sheer manualness of the adjusting is like trying to hammer in a finishing nail with a sledgehammer. Take the VTA for instance.
For VTF, I just use a Shure gauge and eschew the hole "weights on the pin" method. I think that is only there for floks who don't didn't have a gauge. Upon checking, the results are the same anyway. In the instructions for the Mayware arm, it gives direction on using the weights and then says "or use a gauge". VTA setting is crude, but I find it no less so than the Rega arms, among others. I have drilled an armboard such that I can fiddle with the spindle-to-pivot distance and will check back or e-mail you with what works best.
On the Sonus Formula IV arm you need to use a high compliance cart. The Shure V15 is a high compliance cart and should be a very good match. If you have your eye on a cart with slightly lower compliance you can use a thicker damping fluid in your arm to compensate. Another poster suggested a DL106, but I believe it compliance is just too low for your arm and not a suitable match.
Do you know if the Grado cartridges are high compliance?
Aha! Just figured out the compliance thing. Thanks for the info guys.
Quite the education. Thanks again.
Well I think it's down to the Shure or Grado (Ref.Platinum or Sonata). Any other contenders?
4yanx, what is your cartridge?
I bought the Shure and it sounds great. Thanks all!!